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In life, things are not always what they seem.

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Risa Hontiveros proved again she is not very smart. She was quick to assume the data leak in the DFA was the fault of Duterte without finding out the details first. But it’s good at least we know she is angry at the culprit and should stay angry after finding out it was Noynoy. Both…

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It seems Teddy Boy Locsin’s loyalty to the Aquinos is making him irrational. Not all critics of Kris Aquino are “envious” as he asserts in a misguided and dishonestly-reported tweet. They are just pointing out the error of her ways particularly when it affects other people negatively. Kris has not set a good example to…

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Yellows have no evidence to support James Deakin is a “Marcos supporter” other than being photographed with BBM. Meanwhile, there is already proof their fave blogger Jover Laurio is being funded by Kris Aquino to ruin other people’s reputation. Yellows and all anti-Marcos advocates cannot think straight anymore because they have been blinded by hate.…

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Some major media outlets are trying their best to avoid writing about the Jover/Kris exposé because they don’t want to write anything negative about their allies. But they cannot avoid it forever since lawsuits against the two could be in the works. I hope James Deakin will pursue legal action. Jover copped major karma for…

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What’s wrong with accepting funding? Accepting funding is not “evil”. What is wrong with what Jover Laurio did was she was not transparent about it. She should have informed her readers that her blogs are being sponsored by Kris Aquino. Instead she had the nerve to accuse others of being paid. No, we should not…

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