Rabid Yellows will not win if they keep using their “Marcos paid hack” argument against their critics


In the absence of any valid response to criticism copped by their idol, “vice president” Leni Robredo, the Yellows are using harassment to silence critics.

Even without proof, yellows are accusing us of being Marcos “paid hacks”, for example. They use lies to attack us. Just because we are criticising Robredo and want to keep the Liberal Party from getting back in power doesn’t mean we are being paid to do it. It is my pleasure to see them defeated.

The Yellows lack the critical thinking faculties necessary to win arguments. Their only defence is to accuse us of being after “clicks” on our website. If that were true, then I’d simply write about celebrities and showbiz. Those are guaranteed clickbait topics.

They can’t accept losing. They would use profile photos or any supposed personal information they invent amongst themselves to harass their adversaries. It seems plumbing argumentative lows is the sorry extent of their debating faculties. Some even continue to defer to the discredited list of “fake news” sites published by the Catholic Bishops Conference of the Philippines!

In actual fact, none of us have even met the Marcoses much less get on their payroll. Just the same, the Yellows and our other detractors never fail to take the easy and lazy path when coming to terms with our message — a message that has remained consistent over the last two decades.

Time to up your game folks! The Yellows will never win if their campaign and messaging is built upon a platform of lies and sloppy ideas.

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