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In life, things are not always what they seem.

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Those who insist that the arrest of Maria Ressa is an “attack on press freedom”, you are being stupid for continuing to criticise someone you think has the power to lock you up. The fact that you are still free despite criticising him makes you look stupid as well. Ressa wasn’t arrested because she criticised…

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“Hold the line”. I find this so OA. Maria Ressa is simply not very smart. She can’t stay out of trouble. She should learn from the best. Perhaps even a “minor-minor” blogger can teach her how to kick some ass without getting sued or arrested. I don’t even know why Maria Ressa is acting so…

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The Liberal Party’s new campaign slogan is that they are now “listening to the people”. Oh really? That’s an admission they weren’t listening the whole time they were in power. Let’s test it. Can LP please answer why they violated the rule on using savings to procure the untested Dengvaxia vaccine? Why did they ditch…

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Filipino-Chinese community should rally against Leni Robredo and the rest of the Liberal Party for their hasty generalisation against Chinese people after a Chinese lady threw a cup of taho on a policeman. A single incident made them conclude all Chinese are disrespectful to Filipinos! If we follow Leni’s logic, then it is ok for…

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Yellows like Leni Robredo are creating a national issue over something trivial. In fact, they even want to create a diplomatic row with China over the bad behaviour of a Chinese tourist who acted on her own. Throwing taho is not part of Chinese government policy. Leni Robredo & Co make it look like it…

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