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In life, things are not always what they seem.

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The fact that the owners of the Inquirer did not pay their taxes and rent properly is enough proof that some in media think they can hold politicians by the balls and get away with it. They have played king makers for decades particularly after the administration of former President Ferdinand Marcos. Indeed, only gullible…

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The editors of TIME magazine come across as lazy for choosing people in their industry as People of the Year. Someone in their meeting probably had a brain wave and said “Let’s just praise journalists this year” for doing what they are supposed to be doing – their jobs. And so Maria Ressa is one…

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Leni supporters are butthurt I pointed out Leni Robredo’s nonsense statement in Tagalog. Instead of acknowledging she didn’t make any sense, they are attacking me as usual. What a bunch of cult followers! The fact is, Leni is the worst endorser of the Tagalog language. I do not understand what she was trying to say…

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Opposition “influencers” are quick to defend Rappler CEO Maria Ressa against charges of tax evasion filed by the Philippines’ Justice Department. Dear trolls and DDS , check the definition of “alleged”. There will be a hearing. And until then the tax evasion is still a case. No decision yet. So take time to research. I…

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Oooohhh…as if calling me a “minor, minor blogger” is a valid argument. As what they say, people like Maria Ressa who resort to insults are desperate. At least I’m not the one who’s in trouble with the law. Here is Ressa’s desperation on exhibit… Hahahaha – wrong on every point, but once a propagandist, always…

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