Manolo Quezon criticises “New Middle Class” OFWs as lacking in “civic consciousness”

In a recent Facebook post, Inquirer columnist and former Undersecretary of Communications Manolo Quezon claims that an “Old Middle Class” that was “formed” by “Churches, Clubs, and Schools” had been supplanted by a “New Middle Class” that harbors a “great anxiety” and “votes accordingly, but without the civic engagement”. If we have 70 million voters, […]

Leftist-liberal-militant groups specialise in romanticising and politicising the poor

It’s a certainty that Inquirer columnist Randy David will write a column about the community pantry and so he does. He touches ever so slightly and only in passing on the incident that marred Angel Locsin’s (a.k.a. Red Angel’s) “community pantry”. Over the years, Filipinos have learned to fall in line and wait for their […]

Angel Locsin #CommunityPantry fiasco highlights the indolence of the Filipino poor

He wishes for anarchy. ABS-CBN starlet Angel Locsin’s (a.k.a. Red Angel’s) community pantry fiasco yesterday shows the indolence of the Filipino poor. Aasa sa bigay. Opposition “thought leader” Cocoy Dayao’s dream is for Pinoys to go out in the streets and demand that Duterte step down before May 2022. This is why community pantries are […]

Philippines’ inability to control COVID-19 no different to its failure to control traffic

This, according to economist Jeffrey Sachs on why the Philippines can’t seem to get its COVID-19 response act together while other countries can… “If we were rational and well-governed, we would actually find a way through this without massive pain and suffering,” he noted. “The epidemic is itself controllable through rational policies.” Thing is, the […]

Leni Robredo is hindering efforts to ERADICATE the Philippines’ jeepney CANCER

Virtue signalling has long been the bane of any effort to implement initiatives that help the Philippines progress and prosper. Specially true nowadays is how that and its evil twin, emotional blackmail, conspire to slow or, worse, reverse the country’s march to progress. Nowhere is the battle between wokedom’s lame emotionalism and the sort of […]

Philippine Opposition and freedom of choice advocates expect too much of the Duterte government!

It is now apparent who are the people relying too much on the government. They are actually the same people who accuse President Rodrigo Duterte of being a dictator. Ironically, they are the ones who keep demanding that he tell them what to do. They can’t seem to make their own call or judgement. With […]

Sunday congregation of Filipinos at Lucky Plaza, Singapore in spotlight as COVID-19 spreads!

As the COVID-19 outbreak crisis unfolds, large gatherings of people have started to attract attention. Not surprisingly, the tradition of Filipino foreign workers congregating at Lucky Plaza in Singapore has come under the spotlight… Every Sunday, large groups of maids congregate at Lucky Plaza and the open fields beside Kallang and Paya Lebar MRT stations. […]

Virtue signaller @Deeeeeeeeeeysi blames Duterte for troubles of man she boasted about helping

If you don’t know what virtue signalling means, the below thread is a classic example. Pinapakita na isa syang mabait at maawain. The lady who tweeted this now has her account locked so the rest of the thread can’t be read. But it basically narrates how she went out of her way to help the […]

Horrifying video of jeepney running over students proves jeepneys are DANGEROUS to the public

A video making the rounds today shows horrifying footage of a jeepney plowing through a group of students as they crossed a street. A 14 year old was reportedly killed and several others injured when the jeepney seemingly swerved onto the opposite side of the street just as the students were more than half way […]

Blame the Roman Catholic Church for the lack of a divorce law in the Philippines

It’s simple, really. There is no divorce in the Philippines because the country effectively remains a theocracy. The overlords of its seemingly secular government are the Cardinals of Rome. Its best and brightest citizens are educated in chi chi private Catholic schools. Its main Opposition bloc — the Yellowtards — are in bed with the […]