Philippine Opposition exaggerate casualties of Duterte’s War on Drugs to justify ousting him illegally

Former congressman Teddy Casino responded to a tweet of mine where I pointed out the inconsistency of the Philippine Opposition in their regard for Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s War on Drugs.

The Yellows used to insist that there is no drug problem and that Duterte only exaggerated the issue so he can get elected. Now they are saying his drug war is failing. They can’t make up their minds. No wonder they always lose. They lose the debates and then lose the elections.

Casino, however, disagrees…

Huh? The public knew how bad the drug problem was that’s why they wanted someone who was going to do something to solve it. The public could see the rise in criminality because of illegal drugs. Duterte knew some cops and politicians were also involved in the illegal drug trade.

Folks like Casino don’t understand that dealing with the illegal drug trade can be very deadly and violent. He lives in a bubble. The former congressman should read up on what’s happening in Mexico where drug lords have taken over some parts of the country and even beating the country’s law enforcement agencies.

Members of the Opposition are the ones exaggerating the casualties of the war on drugs to justify ousting Duterte. There is no “killing spree”. They make it sound like there is a blood bath on the streets every day. Why would majority of the public approve of Duterte’s approaches if so?

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