Vico Sotto plays the “Solidarity with the Poor” Card to score virtue points!

Recent attempts by Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto to pander to the “plight” of striking workers of Regent Food Corporation proves he is an immature and misguided traditional politician.

What a disgrace, indeed. This son-of-celebrities-turned-mayor is just playing to the “solidarity with the poor” crowd to rack up PR mileage. He knows nothing about the headaches of business owners who have to deal with workers with a strong sense of entitlement. He is going to turn investors away.

This Mayor is trying to dictate his whims on a private company. He is just an administrator of the city. He is not a board member of the company. Regent Foods should just ignore him. They are not running a company in a communist country. Somebody please remind Sotto that the Philippines is a democracy with a free market economy and not a “dictatorship of the proletariat”.

This highlights the gross error in thinking avowed communists like Tonyo Cruz, for example, routinely suffer.

Cruz, in this instance, presumes to dictate how private enterprise spend their money. Of course that’s not surprising considering that communists have always preferred command economies over free markets.

Not surprisingly, this pathetic quest for media brownie points had badly backfired on Mayor Vico Sotto. Kudos to the management of Regent Foods for standing their ground and pointing out important FACTS surrounding this issue.

The strike was “unlawful,” Regent said, adding the 23 employees tried to stop their non-striking colleagues from reporting to work and that a security officer was attacked with “sharp weapons.”


“RFC did not order [the arrest of 12 strikers who attempted to block employees from reporting to work], and RFC did not even participate in the preliminary investigation of these individuals… Mayor Vico deliberately overlooks that RFC is not the complainant who pressed these criminal charges,” it said.

If Sotto values his future career in politics, he should stay way clear of communists like Tonyo Cruz and the broader community of those “woke” Yellow activists of the Opposition. They have a bad habit of reacting emotionally before taking stock of facts first. And that’s not a good thing in this “age of disinformation” that they themselves keep whining about.

2 thoughts on “Vico Sotto plays the “Solidarity with the Poor” Card to score virtue points!

  1. Katapusan na ni Vico yan pag lumayas ang Regent. Ilang manggagawa ang mas magagalit sa kanya kaysa sa 23 na memeber ng Union.
    Hindi na siya dapat makialam dyan dahil trabaho ng Dept of Labor at Labor Union na mapag-usapan yan.

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