According to Sarah Elago, she is not a member of the New People’s Army

In a recent tweet, Kabataan (Youth) Partylist Representative Sarah Elago clarified that she is not a member of the New People’s Army (NPA), the terrorist arm of the Communist Party of the Philippines.

Kabataan Partylist Representative ako, proud na kinatawan ng mga pag-asa ng bayan, hindi NPA. Usapang pangkapayaan ang aming sinusuportahan.

Translated to English:
“I am a member of the Kabataan Partylist, proud to embody the hope of the nation, not [a member of] the NPA. It is peace dialogue that we support.”

Well, that’s certainly on record now. Elago is “not NPA”, she says. Does that mean she is not a communist? Perhaps Elago needs to provide a full clarification of her overall leanings rather than serve her constituents piecemeal information. To put the whole question to rest, right?

Thing is, statements like these are off-the-hip reactions to memes about her circulating the Net. Much of what she does is merely react to “red tagging” and “fake news” as she does in this one…

Elago really needs to get ahead of the curve rather than be a couple of steps behind chasing her tail and reacting to every piece of “fake news” that shows up on her little radar. There is a deeper strategic challenge she faces here — her reputation with the broader electorate which seems to be more like a crisis of credibility owing to a persistent perception that she is a communist.

The Opposition seek to DISRUPT rather than contribute to Philippine democracy

Today’s Opposition like using the term “playbook” — as in, “this series of events follows Marcosian Martial Law playbook” or some such drivel. Interestingly enough, the only real “playbook” emerging in recent years is the pattern of seditious activity key elements in the Opposition are engaging in. Someone tweeted today that there is a big difference between opposition and disruption. Today’s Opposition do not exhibit any genuine interest in solving the Philippines’ problems. The only agenda they seem to be working toward is their manic intent to seize power by all means. They seek to disrupt not just the Philippine government but Philippine society as a whole — intent on fomenting the chaos that breeds opportunity to achieve their singular ends.

That’s not being the sort of genuine Opposition Filipinos deserve. That’s just being a pain in the ass.

The only thing the Opposition are lacking that was a key feature of the sort of sedition they were engaged in back in the 1970s is the use of a “Mosquito Press”. In contrast to those days, today’s Opposition have, at their disposal, no less than the Philippines’ biggest Corporate Media conglomerates. As such, it is quite baffling that, despite access to the vast resources of these organisations, they continue to fail misrably at the public relations game. Despite all of the advantages they enjoy, they suffered a catastrophic loss in this year’s elections.

Step back far enough from the noise on the ground and one will find that there is nothing about Philippine democracy to worry about. It is as vibrant and sound as ever and Filipinos are fully engaged and participating in it. It seems, the only beef the Opposition have with it is that they are not winning in it legitimately. So much the same way as a brat losing in a chess game would flip the board over in a fit to end it, the Opposition are bent on upending democracy in order to win their way.

Being gunned down does not make one a hero. Ninoy Aquino is not a hero.

Aquino supporters are still insisting Ninoy was a hero. No, he was not. A lot of politicians all over the world get gunned down by political rivals. The most famous one was John F Kennedy. The Americans did not make him a hero after his assassination.

The trouble begins when people like former Congressman Teddy Casino presumes to prescribe a preferred line of thinking and put it up as some sort of gospel truth that is not open to challenge…

The fact is, it was the coup d’état organised by then Defense Minister Juan Ponce Enrile and then General Fidel Ramos that triggered the protest rally, not Ninoy’s death. If the US government at the time didn’t whisk deposeed President Ferdinand Marcos out of the country and had Marcos used military fire power against the plotters, Cory wouldn’t have been illegitimately installed as President.

Protest rallies were a dime a dozen even before Ninoy died. A former member of the communist movement even claimed Ninoy organised the rallies and provided grenades. The Aquinos and their communist allies use rallies today to the point where these have lost any power to move the public.

Ninoy, for his part, was overrated. His speeches are not even great — which means beyond his “martyrdom” he didn’t leave much of a political legacy nor any significant contribution to thought leadership. Filipinos need to think twice about what they’ve been fed by a small clique of oligarchs over the last 30 years. If they examine the historical record carefully, they will find that it was all just a narrative designed to seal a status quo that served the members of a small but powerful oligarchic clan.

Actor Bart Guingona (@guingonabart) believes majority of Filipinos are WRONG!

Bart Guingona asserts in a tweet that, “[this] admin’s biggest legacy, like that of Trump’s will be divisiveness and hatred. Sad.” But when challenged to explain how the approval rating of 85 percent the current government of President Rodrigo Duterte enjoys could be indicative of a “divided” people, Guingona responds with an interesting opinion…

It seems, Guingona presumes to know better than the majority of Filipinos who, according to the Constitution, earned the right to choose their leaders.

For that matter, how can the 15% be right when the public servants they are supporting were in power for 6 years but did not achieve much and stuck with the status quo? They also lost the election. It’s pure arrogance to declare yourself right when you’re not even offering alternative solutions.

The dishonesty of the members of the Yellow camp are mirrored by the character of “influencers” like Bart Guingona. In this tweet, he PUBLICLY accused me of being under someone’s payroll…

I’m no lawyer but that, to me, looks like a clear case of defamation.

Back to the point of this, the fact is, Duterte has only been in power for 3 years but there are already positive changes ordinary Filipinos feel. Meanwhile, the Philippines hardly improved for 30 years under the yellows and their allies.

Plunge in Leni Robredo’s satisfaction rating could be a reflection of her failed leadership of the Opposition

The reality of “vice president” Leni Robredo’s lack of leadership chops is catching up with her as the latest poll results show.

The SWS survey results for June 2019 showed Robredo having a net satisfaction rating of plus 28, down 14 points from plus 42 in March 2019. In Pulse Asia, the Vice President’s approval rating was 55 percent.

The plunge in the proportion of sampled Filipinos “satisfied” with Robredo’s performance could reflect a creeping negative sentiment about her as she consistently exhibits incoherence and a lack of conviction in her official messaging. Filipinos generally want words that demonstrate decisiveness and project authority. It is evident that Robredo and the persona she fronts to the public lacks all those things.

It is therefore likely that part of the fall in her ratings could be accounted for by supporters who may have since changed their opinion of her. In short, Robredo’s support base could be eroding in both sentiment and numbers.

Not surprisingly, Robredo’s office dismisses the poll results. According to her spokesperson Barry Gutierrez, “the appearance of a decline in Robredo’s satisfaction rating based on results of a new survey by Social Weather Stations (SWS) was all that—appearance.”

“You have to distinguish between the Pulse approach and the SWS approach,” Gutierrez said. “Pulse just releases approval, indifferent—undecided—and disapproval. SWS creates a net,” Gutierrez said at an interview at Robredo’s Quezon City reception office.

Blah blah blah.

Tough luck, right? The shortest and simplest explanation is usually the one likely to be the right one.

Opposition “thought leaders” and their idiotic criticism of Duterte’s 2019 State of the Nation Address

Unlike today’s Philippine Opposition and, most certainly, unlike the Yellowtards who “lead” their lot, we try to come up with solutions and alternatives to match our critique. Before Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte delivered this year’s State of the Nation Address (SONA) last Monday, I published a preemptive piece on the subject, “If I were Duterte, this is the State of the Nation Address I’d be delivering today…”. That way I have the right to criticise stuff — because I at least try to come up with something better.

What have the Yellowtards come up with so far? Well, golly gee. I think all they’ve come up with so far is zilch.

The Yellowtards, in fact, were so stupid that they used that Zilch as their platform in this year’s elections. Not surprisingly, they not only won zilch, they got crushed in a catastrophic spectacle under the weight of their inbred hubris.

Following Duterte’s SONA last Monday, it can be observed that the Yellowtards have so far still learned zilch. They continue to apply their characteristically unimaginative faculties to find just the bad in a basket of both good and bad — as if they could have written and delivered something better. Well, this is the sort of thing that just keeps coming back to bite the Opposition, specially at the polls.

When will the Opposition learn that it is a compelling story that captures the attention of Filipino voters? When will they realise that the vast tale of victimhood that is their tried, tested, and failed narrative no longer delivers the results they need to seize power legally?

Only time will tell if the Yellowtards will ever learn.

Noynoy Aquino blamed Arroyo for six years and now criticises Duterte over things he could have done as president

If former President Benigno Simeon ‘BS’ Aquino III spent six years of his term blaming his predecessor, he is now spending his retirement years criticising his successor. He’s been snubbing current President Rodrigo Duterte’s annual State of the Nation Addresses but does not miss any opportunity to take pot shots at his speeches after.

It’s bad form for a former President to criticise his successor. One can’t help but ask why he didn’t do something about the issues he thinks Duterte should be fixing. What did he do while he was at the helm? He just campaigned for the next election — the election they lost.

BS Aquino has the gall to tell Duterte what to do now after wasting six years of his term just blaming the past administrators especially former President Gloria Arroyo who he blamed in his speeches from Day One. He did it even after detaining Arroyo for five years on trumped-up charges.

Noynoy does not want to attend any of Duterte’s state of the nation address because Duterte makes him look incompetent. Just the same, Aquino always criticises Duterte after every one of his SONAs. He talks as if he is Yoda — fancying himself a wise master giving sound advice to his student. The bozo is delusional and vindictive.

Even if the Yellowtards lost the elections, they still need to be crushed

The Yellowtards are a defeated force for now. For now. They continue to be a cancer in Philippine society and their legacy of snowflake politics still infests the Philippines’ top schools and universities.

It is therefore important that they be crushed. The other day, I featured a lament issued by Senator Kiko Pangilinan, leader of the Yellowtards, which I translated to English…

The [2019] elections are already finished. You [administration bets] already won big time, right? So why go after and try to jail us [in the Opposition] who did not succeed in that election as well as those who supported us? Even priests and bishops involved were not cut a bit of slack.

The article where I first featured the above made a point about Pangilinan’s missing the whole point — that losing an election does not exempt one from criminal prosecution.

Now I take on board what he says — that perhaps there is merit in what he believes the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte is doing — possibly taking measures to crush the Opposition.

To that I say: Why not?

The Yellowtards would do the same if they were in that position. In fact, one of the biggest mistakes the late former President Cory Aquino made was to let her former nemeses back in and allow them to roam the political landscape scott free. This is something today’s Martial Law Crybabies wail about.

Someone needs to remind Pangilinan also that the Liberal Party detained Jinggoy Estrada, Bong Revilla and Juan Ponce Enrile even before the 2016 elections just because they were a threat to Mar Roxas’s Presidential ambition.

An entire Opposition bloc captured in living colour attending the wedding of a liar!

Like how one would cure cancer, the approach to dealing with the Yellowtard Problem in the Philippines should not stop short of total political annihilation. Just like how cigarette smokers had gone from cool to fool, Yellowtardism needs to be reduced to a quaint historical curiosity. Only a sweeping cultural revolution can achieve that — one that turns Filipinos from whiney brats addicted to their victimhood back to real achievers.

Indeed, Senator Pangilinan. The Yellowtards may have lost the elections. But they aren’t beaten, and the need to crush them must persist.

No, @KikoPangilinan. It’s not about who won the elections. It’s about who committed a CRIME

It seems Senator Kiko Pangilinan misses the whole point about what the Law is all about. In a recent tweet, Pangilinan argues that the government of Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte should desist from pursuing sedition charges against his pals because they already lost the elections!

Here is the tweet translated to English…

“The [2019] elections are already finished. You [administration bets] already won big time, right? So why go after and try to jail us [in the Opposition] who did not succeed in that election as well as those who supported us? Even priests and bishops involved were not cut a bit of slack.”

Seriously Senator Pangilinan? An officer of the law — a legislator, no less — appealing to the government for exemption from the teeth of the law because the accused lost an election?

Kiko Pangilinan, a Philippine senator, lost the plot!

See, the election has nothing to do with the sedition charges being filed against “vice president” Leni Robredo, those clergymen, and their alleged cohorts. This is about what is being alleged they had done in violation of Philippine law.

Pangilinan should be setting a better example to his countrymen. He should turn his back to these old nefarious habits that had made Filipinos renowned for being laid back about law enforcement. He should respect the law and not try to work around it by using such superfluous appeals.

Philippine Opposition focus on foreign policy is not winning over Filipino voters

There are so many pressing problems in the Philippines today that directly affect the majority of the population. Some people are focusing too much on China and making it look like Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s presidency is a failure just because they don’t agree with his foreign policy.

This is a dishonest position to take as the only fair way to evaluate an administration is to view it over the full range of initiatives and activities it is engaged in. The fact that the entirety of the key Opposition coalition suffered a catastrophic defeat in this year’s elections attests to the reality that a large swathe of the Philippine public’s concerns were not addressed by the Opposition campaign rhetoric.

The continued focus of Opposition chatter on foreign policy, whilst an easy target because it lends well to glib simplification into lame sound bytes, simply does not resonate with ordinary Filipinos. This is the reason there is a big gap in the Opposition’s understanding of what will move Filipinos and a source of the frustrations they experience in their efforts at inciting “mass action”.