Leni Robredo should stop talking to the media and START WORKING

It’s ourageous how “vice president” Leni Robredo has been criticising Duterte’s drug war as if she had the brightest ideas on how to deal with the problem, then declare herself lacking in data to come up with solutions. Worse, she invited foreigners for advice as soon as she got the role of co-chair in drug ops.

Why, for example, does Robredo need to consult with Americans. This seems to be just another instance of our renowned colonial mentality. We like to insist we are independent, yet habitually consult with our former colonial masters on how to go about our internal affairs. I find it bizarre that with no basis at all, communist activists would rage about US “imperialism” on the streets then remain silent when no less than the “vice president” herself cozies up to the “evil” master.

For his part, Philippine National Police officer-in-charge Police Lieutenant General Archie Francisco Gamboa reportedly pointed out that “the Philippines already has an anti-drug strategy that is being implemented since October 2018.”

As one would expect of her sort, Robredo even plays the Woman Card in response to her critics.

I have not encountered any criticism of Robredo that asserts she cannot do the job because she is a woman. Most of her critics cite her inexperience and incompetence for the role. Robredo and her supporters should stop using the Woman Card as if women are better at everything than men.

Robredo hasn’t accomplished anything yet but she’s already talking like she’s already succeeded. Stop congratulating yourself, Leni. Just a reminder, you’re not the only one doing it. You’re just a co-chair. Stop credit-grabbing and enough with the presscons. Just do the job.

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