Reuters-Oxford report ranks Rappler with Abante and Bulgar among LEAST TRUSTED news media outlets!

A report used in a piece published by a certain Yvonne Chua of the University of the Philippines showed that Rappler was among the least trusted brands in Philippine news media. The report, published by the University of Oxford and the Reuters Institute showed Rappler alongside tabloid publications Abante and Bulgar at the bottom of […]

Why do Filipinos WORSHIP “KathNiel” team Kathryn Bernardo and Daniel Padilla? What GREAT thing have they done?

Still curious. What exactly is the nature of Kathryn Bernardo’s and Daniel Padilla’s claim to fame? What did they do that was so great? I mean, WHY do Filipinos go tardic over this “KathNiel” team? Is it only because big corporate media network ABS-CBN told them to do so? Do Bernardo and Padilla actually exhibit […]

“HR consultant” @SidLumawig encourages employers to discriminate based on political affiliation

According to a self-described “HR consultant” employers should not hire “DDS trolls”. This is a baffling position to take. For one thing, how does one determine if a candidate is a “DDS troll”? But this is what this so-called “HR consultant” tweeted… More importantly, it is disturbing that a supposedly professional HR practitioner would encourage […]

Firms dependent on Philippine-based BPO and call centres on notice as COVID-19 bug hits Deloitte!

The Philippines remains suspect as a country close to the epicenter of the global COVID-19 outbreak that seems to be lax in its testing and possibly underreporting infection rates. A case reportedly hitting Deloitte Philippines which holds office at the Bonifacio Global City in Taguig highlights the risks posed by the disease on the Philippines’ […]

Grace Poe conflict-of-interest laid BARE in interview with Karen Davila on ABS-CBN Senate “inquiry”

It seems ABS-CBN had no choice but to face the music on the issue of the bald conflict-of-interest in Senator Grace Poe’s heading of the Senate “inquiry” into the plight of the giant media conglomerate. Poe clearly stammered her way through an interview with Davila as she defended the exercise that all but gave ABS-CBN […]

Vico Sotto plays the “Solidarity with the Poor” Card to score virtue points!

Recent attempts by Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto to pander to the “plight” of striking workers of Regent Food Corporation proves he is an immature and misguided traditional politician. What a disgrace, indeed. This son-of-celebrities-turned-mayor is just playing to the “solidarity with the poor” crowd to rack up PR mileage. He knows nothing about the […]

Ricky Reyes: Gay people are NOT entitled to special treatment

In a video that’s making waves this week, successful businessman Ricky Reyes, founder of the iconic hairdressing empire that bears his name, echoes what had long been the sentiment of a good chunk of the gay community. Reyes makes a good point — that the gay community need not force themselves upon the broader public […]

Leni Robredo DELUSIONAL, applauds Makati Business Club favourable “satisfaction rating”

But of course Philippine “vice president” Leni Robredo would welcome the results of a Makati Business Club (MBC) survey “showing [the Office of the Vice President] satisfaction rating [going] up at 75 percent”. That’s selective recognition for you. Of course that does not change anything about recent survey results coming from professional polling firms SWS […]

Rappler and Maria Ressa: “JOURNALISTS FOR RENT”

The mystery persists. Why would anyone believe a government initiative presumptuously billed a conference on “media freedom” that is conducted by the Omidyar Group? Omidyar are deeply-invested in many media companies most of which are so-called reporters of “news”. This is the confronting question posed by Ezra Levant to the various organisations that participated in […]

COSMOPOLITANISM better describes the notion of “liberalism” at the centre of snowflakes’ virtue signalling

Nesrine Malik nailed it in his Guardian article “Feel smug about western democracy? The G20 summit should make us reconsider” when he wrote how “the everyday sort of liberalism” we see being bandied around by “activists” is “probably better described as cosmopolitanism”. The kind that makes you look around your diverse locality, the quiet tolerance […]