Vico Sotto plays the “Solidarity with the Poor” Card to score virtue points!

Recent attempts by Pasig City Mayor Vico Sotto to pander to the “plight” of striking workers of Regent Food Corporation proves he is an immature and misguided traditional politician. What a disgrace, indeed. This son-of-celebrities-turned-mayor is just playing to the “solidarity with the poor” crowd to rack up PR mileage. He knows nothing about the […]


Ricky Reyes: Gay people are NOT entitled to special treatment

In a video that’s making waves this week, successful businessman Ricky Reyes, founder of the iconic hairdressing empire that bears his name, echoes what had long been the sentiment of a good chunk of the gay community. Reyes makes a good point — that the gay community need not force themselves upon the broader public […]

Leni Robredo DELUSIONAL, applauds Makati Business Club favourable “satisfaction rating”

But of course Philippine “vice president” Leni Robredo would welcome the results of a Makati Business Club (MBC) survey “showing [the Office of the Vice President] satisfaction rating [going] up at 75 percent”. That’s selective recognition for you. Of course that does not change anything about recent survey results coming from professional polling firms SWS […]


Rappler and Maria Ressa: “JOURNALISTS FOR RENT”

The mystery persists. Why would anyone believe a government initiative presumptuously billed a conference on “media freedom” that is conducted by the Omidyar Group? Omidyar are deeply-invested in many media companies most of which are so-called reporters of “news”. This is the confronting question posed by Ezra Levant to the various organisations that participated in […]

COSMOPOLITANISM better describes the notion of “liberalism” at the centre of snowflakes’ virtue signalling

Nesrine Malik nailed it in his Guardian article “Feel smug about western democracy? The G20 summit should make us reconsider” when he wrote how “the everyday sort of liberalism” we see being bandied around by “activists” is “probably better described as cosmopolitanism”. The kind that makes you look around your diverse locality, the quiet tolerance […]

China detains former Foreign Affairs Sec Albert Del Rosario’s ass in Hong Kong!

Pity former Foreign Affairs Sec Albert Del Rosario. He is a former Philippine official who gets detained in Hong Kong like a common undesirable alien. That’s what you get when you file a case against a global superpower before a Mickey Mouse court such as that of the “International Criminal Court”. Yellowtards still don’t get […]

An influx of Chinese workers inducing rise in property values is not a bad thing

Some “analysts” are making it look like rising property prices which they attribute to an influx of Chinese and other foreign workers are a bad thing. On the contrary this is an opportunity that could result in the creation of more jobs. Rising prices are a sign of pressure on supply due to increasing demand. […]

Instagrammer @LanceDeOcampo #cancelledt after dipping into Siargao “influencer” row!

“Influencer” is so last year’s hipster lingo and “curated” is so ten years ago old school. Yet social media “content creator” Lance de Ocampo seemingly manages to make a living bandying around those terms. De Ocampo is seemingly one such Internet parasite of late slighted by statements from business owners who’ve had enough of such […]

How money fits into the scheme of things for GRP and Filipinos as a people

Yup, there used to be a donation button on and it was there until as recently as mid-2018. The button linked to a legacy mid-2000s era static HTML page that some bozo is now raising a stink about in a recent tweet where he exhibits one among several screenshots of the now defunct page. […]

Maria Ressa needs to take a break from #DefendPressFreedom — because she is the CEO of Rappler!

If I were a shareholder of “social news network” Rappler, I’d be really pissed. You hire and pay a CEO big bucks and what does she do? She gets my company into a heap of tax trouble and exposes it to a big libel case. Worst of all, she gets arrested and spends most of […]