Popularity survey results can only be validated in an election with high voter turnout

The up and coming election could possibly see the Opposition “Otso Diretso” coalition crushed if recent surveys are to be believed. Neither popular Yellow bloggers like Jover Laurio (and the social media “engagement” she brags about) nor celebrity endorsers like Bianca Gonzalez can save them, it seems. But partisans on either side should not despair nor rest on their laurels.

Don’t rely on surveys. Just because your candidates are popular doesn’t mean they will win or just because some candidates are unpopular doesn’t mean they will lose.

Since it is not mandatory to vote in the Philippines and the stakes are not that high this coming mid-term elections compared to the 2016 Presidential elections, low voter turn out might go in favour of the Opposition whose supporters are more desperate than supporters of popular candidates.

The biggest enemy of the administration bets this year could likely be low voter turnout. It can still go either way, so go out and vote.

Rodel Jayme: the latest character in the familiar cautionary tale of starstruck yellow supporters

I support the arrest of people linked to the video of Bikoy. They are the same people who have gotten away with using false information against others they consider enemies like what they did to the late Chief Justice Renato Corona. They come from the same group who spread a meme accusing ordinary folks like us of being Marcos paid hacks.

There has to be consequences for posting lies and propaganda against innocent people. If the Opposition is an advocate of due process, they should support the move to find out who created the Bikoy video that hurled accusations against the first family with unverified info.

According to Rodel Jayme, after the videos went viral, he was instructed by his clients to go into hiding. Now we know why Cocoy Dayao is in hiding. He was most likely instructed to disappear or be dealt with as well. They were both thrown under the bus.

Suffice to say, most yellow supporters are pathetic. They are cling-ons or hanger-ons. They admire and wish they could live the lives of their idols from the members of Philippine oligarchy. This is why it is easy to manipulate them into breaking the law just like how Rodel Jayme, Jover Laurio, and Cocoy Dayao were manipulated.

Media firms @PCIJdotOrg, @VERAfiles, @CMFR, and @RapplerDotCom all BAYARAN???

Mr Bobi Tiglao couldn’t have been more succinctly on point in his explosive Manila Times article today.

We are a sovereign nation. Why do we allow a foreign power to fund media entities dedicated to painting the duly elected president black, in the hope that the masses, or the military, would be roused to topple him?

But that is exactly what Philippine Center for Investigative Journalism (PCIJ), Vera Files, the Center for Media Freedom and Responsibility (CMFR), and Rappler are guilty of to the tune of millions of dollars in funding from foreign governments according to Tiglao.

Recall earlier that top Yellow blogger Jover Laurio of Pinoy Ako Blog too was exposed as a paid hack. Following these exposés, including ones from RJ Nieto’s Fact-checking the fact-checker: Over 50% of Vera Files funding from CIA-linked orgs, these supposed “truth sayers” have been exposed as receiving foreign funds. They are all anti-Duterte. And to think they have been accusing us for years of receiving funds from the Marcoses even without providing proof. Such hypocrites!

I’m pretty sure the journalists tagged as receiving foreign funds will cry foul and accuse the Duterte govt of trying to stifle “dissent”. But as journalists, they should be publishing facts, not opinions. And besides, if they broke the law, they have to pay the price.

Florin Hilbay reveals his NARCISSISTIC tendencies!

Opposition senatorial candidate Florin “Pilo” Hilbay sucks at campaigning, which is why he is now losing the race. He does not even have a track record of being a good administrator. All he has are promises to go against Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s policies. He’s not being smart. Duterte still enjoys a high satisfaction rating. One doesn’t speak against a leader who is still popular if one wants to win an election.

Here he is being a real class act

Ako ay batang Tondo. Number 1 sa Bar Exams, pero hindi ako nagpayaman

So what if he is from Tondo? He makes it sound like it’s Sillicon Valley. So what if he was Number One in the bar exams? It didn’t help him win the cases he tried to defend. So what if he didn’t make himself rich? Nothing wrong with getting rich the honest way anyway. He’s a loser.

Why does Hilbay think a candidate has to be poor or “pro-poor”? The people actually need someone successful to look up to as a role model. If he thinks being simple is the only formula needed to get voted in, he is wrong. Besides, he is not simple. He had to have a celebrity girlfriend to validate himself.

Hilbay probably thinks having a celebrity girlfriend will help him win in the coming election. That is also evidence that he is a traditional politician – someone who relies on image instead of his policies for reform.

In other words, it was all about him. Hilbay didn’t have anything to offer the people. He thinks saying he is awesome is good enough to be elected a senator. The voters should be careful and make sure a narcissist like Hilbay doesn’t end up in a position of power.

Ellen Tordesillas: Rabid supporter and mouthpiece of Trillanes

The fact is, “fact-checker” Ellen Tordesillas has been a supporter and ally of Senator Antonio Trillanes for decades. She campaigned for his release when he was still in jail for his crime against the Filipino people. She also uses her website to promote his advocacies and propaganda against his enemies.

Been blogging since 2009. I distinctly remember how motivated Tordesillas was in lobbying for the release of Trillanes from prison. She believed he was just doing what was good for the Philippines in rebelling against then President Gloria Arroyo — never mind that he broke the law, damaged property, and put Filipino civilians’ lives at risk.

The fact that Ellen Tordesillas campaigned for the release of Trillanes means she has been practicing partisan politics for decades. She was using her clout as a journalist to paint Trillanes as a hero. She was instrumental in riling up the public against Arroyo then.

Indeed, Ellen Tordesillas reminds me of that movie with Nicole Kidman whose character fell in love with a criminal who was in prison. She advocated for his release just like how Tordesillas advocated for Trillanes’s release believing he was innocent. Unfortunately, he was a real criminal.

Regine Velasquez may be the “Queen” of song but she is no queen when it comes to “thought leadership”

Regine Velasquez’s fans need not feel offended since it is not her singing abilities that is being questioned. They should stick to the issues and use facts in their arguments instead of mentioning her celebrity status. I mean why do they keep mentioning she is “the queen” of singing?

What does being a good singer have to do with one’s commentary on politics, for that matter? The fact is, Regine made several false claims in her now-famous tweet

1) Implying Locsin is not very smart. (Guess again.)

2) Claiming that Scarborough shoal is part of Philippine territory. (It isn’t. Ownership is still being disputed. China doesn’t own it either.)

3) Insisting that she is a “simple” person. (She isnt. She is a celebrity.)

Both Regine’s fans and the Yellow community who now rally around her tweet should stick to the facts of the matter.

FALSE INFO tweet of Regine Velasquez (@reginevalcasid) celebrated by Yellow Opposition just because they agree with it

Filipino singer Regine Velasquez recently made waves after responding to a tweet by Secretary of Foreign Affairs Teddy Location essentially chiming in on a topic she clearly is not qualified to discuss.

I don’t mind celebrities voicing their opinion about politics and other issues outside of their skill set. What I do mind is their opinion being given more weight just because they are celebrities.

The above statement tweeted by “Asia’s Songbird” got away with baldly false assertions that include…

1) Implying Locsin is not very smart. (Guess again.)

2) Claiming that Scarborough shoal is part of Philippine territory. (It isn’t. Ownership is still being disputed. China doesn’t own it either.)

3) Insisting that she is a “simple” person. (She isnt. She is a celebrity.)

Perhaps, referring to that last point, she meant simpleton.

Just the same, three counts of false information in a single tweet. And yet Regine Velasquez — because she is a celebrity and because she literally parrots the Yellow narrative — is given a pass with fanfare.

The Yellow Opposition routinely apply a double standard when they call out — or cheer on — celebrities who issue poltical statements. If it is favourable to their narrative, they are “heroes”. If, on the other hand, they make statements disagreeable to the Yellow “cause” they are demonised as shills who have “no right” to be engaging in political partisanism.

Selective. Yellow. True colours shine through no matter the disguise.

Opposition smear campaign vs Duterte family a desperate last ditch effort as Election 2019 approaches

The timing of the emergence of the so-called witness against Paolo Duterte along with a summary of supposed accounts is quite suspect. The only people buying this lame attempt at smear campaign are the gullible yellow crowd.

It follows the all-too-familiar pattern of dishonest Yellowtard smear campaigning that economist David Yap handily summarises

1. Release unverified “official-looking” documents
2. Whip mainstream media into a frenzy – get the story going to obscure the thinness of the evidence. Get columnists to write passionately about it.
3. Push for an official investigation to focus the limelight on it

But then…

The outcome of the investigation doesn’t matter (ask yourselves: was there anything that was ever resolved?) because getting the attention was in itself the objective.

It’s really baffling how the Opposition keeps using the same tactic against their enemies – publishing unverified reports on bank account deposits – in an effort to destroy their image. They can’t even use it to file a case. They just want to rile up the public before an election.

A month before the mid-term elections, the Oppostion wants a Senate hearing against Duterte’s son who they allege is a drug dealer. It’s a last ditch effort to help their losing candidates. They’ve done this to Arroyo, Binay, Marcos and now Duterte. They are pathetic losers.

The more Jim Paredes’s apologists react, the more people lose sympathy for him

Earlier I felt sorry for Jim Paredes until I read his so-called “apology” again and realised he was praising himself for being “honest”. And what’s worse is the yellows who support him still act so high and mighty as if he did nothing wrong. Of course he did. He was judgemental to others.

Bilib na talaga ako sa tigas ng mukha ng mga dilaw. Even after a prominent rabid yellow has been exposed – literally and figuratively – they still can’t accept they are hypocrites. They still find a way to applaud him for his “bravery” in admitting it’s him. Ulol!! He just got caught!

Unfortunately, you don’t just get praises for exposing yourself. You also risk being mocked and ridiculed. Not everyone will like how you look and perform. As an artist, Jim should know that.

Nonetheless, Jim should look on the bright side. A lot of people like Kim Kardashian and Paris Hilton became popular after their sex videos were leaked. This could be Jim’s chance to revive his “career” in showbiz. Perhaps as a bomba star!

Jim Paredes “apology” hard to swallow because of his history of hypocrisy

A lot of members of the Opposition seem to be getting caught in scandals. First Leila De Lima, then Leni Robredo and, now, Jim Paredes. The problem with them is they try to project a pious image and condemn others like Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte who are just being real. Now they use the excuse that it is just “natural”.

Well, for Jim’s sake, I’m glad he admitted to it. While it is true what he said that sex and expressing sexuality is natural, people like Jim condemn others like Duterte for being open about sex, but are actually hiding their own need to express it. This is why the public likes the president.

Thing is, Jim said he has no idea how the video leaked and blames it on people who want to destroy his reputation. He should blame the person on the other end who recorded and shared it with the public.

I’m not judging Jim Paredes based on his recent actions caught on video; I’m judging him based on his previous actions maligning and condemning people like Duterte and Mocha Uson just for being open about sex and uninhibited behaviour in public. His hypocrisy has been exposed.