Disaster struck Mindanao because of Duterte supporters according to @YolyOng!

It’s not enough that Yoly Ong condemned the victims of the recent earthquake that hit Mindanao, she’s now promoting discrimination in her latest tweet…

This is exactly what happened during the relief efforts for the super typhoon Yolanda. Instead of giving the relief goods indiscriminately, the yellows in charge only wanted to help yellow voters.

Funny enough, Ong defers to “karma” for her hoped-for vindication.

Karma, she says? The Liberal Party has been experiencing karma since 2016: Mar Roxas lost his presidential bid, Leni Robredo’s win is being questioned, Ferdinand Marcos’s burial went ahead, Leila De Lima got locked up, Lourdes Sereno was removed from the Supreme Court, all Liberal Party bets for the senate lost in 2019 elections, and many more.

So Ong still thinks the earthquake was due to karma?! She also thinks the victims were cursed…damn! She can’t put a lid on it. No wonder Leni is popular with them. They are all the same. They are callous and insensitive! The voters should remember this in the next election.

Recall earlier Ong’s now-infamous non-apology…

Clearly this doesn’t make any sense. Why would an earthquake or any natural disaster jolt voters? A natural occurrence doesn’t happen based on one’s voting preference.

The palusot is still palpak! Some people prefer to dig themselves deeper into a hole rather than apologise.

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