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The show must go on for Kim Chiu even after a near-death experience!

The Philippines’ showbiz fandom is abuzz over yesterday’s ambush of ABS-CBN mega-star Kim Chiu. Fortunately no one was hurt and it was business as usual for Chiu and her staff for the rest of the day. Some debate around the circumstances surrounding the incident, however, raised some interesting things about the latest Kapamilya drama.

The whole controversy around the ambush of one of ABS-CBN’s crown jewels was triggered when the actress expressed her feelings on the incident in an Instagram post as reported by ABS-CBN…

“Kung sino man ang gumawa nito Diyos na ang bahala sa inyo dalawa. Sana tininignan niyo muna ang plate number bago niyo paulanan ng bala ‘yung kotse ko but at the end of the day inisip ko nalang walang nasaktan sa amin. God protected us,” she said.

Chiu seemed to imply in her Instagram post that the gunmen should have double-checked first if she was the right target. To be fair, as Chiu’s fans point out, this statement was made under duress and it is possible that Chiu’s implied better-someone-else-than me take on the incident over a public channel could be a simple case of temporary incoherence. A subsequent update made presumably by Chiu on the Instagram post was reported by “social news network” Rappler

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UPDATE: Later in the evening, the actress edits the caption of her post to say that she doesn’t “have any idea what really happened.”

Perhaps this was Chiu suddenly recognising what she just said and what this says about her character. Indeed, many observers had already made their respective interpretations of the original post…

Most interesting of all, Chiu reportedly “proceeded to a scheduled taping after the incident.” Following that, most news coming out on the incident were based on information released by ABS-CBN.

What happens to police procedure? A Twitter post issued by ABS-CBN “after van shooting” includes a photo of an “emotional” Chiu being comforted by network top honchos.

The show must go on – even after a near-fatal ambush by would-be assassins.

And as for the rest of us in the meantime…

Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

One reply on “The show must go on for Kim Chiu even after a near-death experience!”

Tulog DAW siya…pero nabilang ang dami ng putok…WALO DAW.
After ng shooting….deretso sa taping at nagpa-make-up at umakting.
Langya, walang kanerbyos-nerbyos at nagawa pang mag-taping.
Tapos nagpa-interview withe matching pilit na iyak.

Hoy Dilawan, porke hindi kinagat ng tao ang drama nyo kay Kean, heto naman ant mukhang fans naman ang gusto nyong utuin sa script nyo na si Trillanes yata ang director. Hello…. PURO LOOPHOLES ANG SCRIPT NYO!

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