Communist vandals should be prosecuted to teach them a lesson

Recently, Manila Mayor Isko Moreno expressed dismay seeing communist graffiti splashed all over public facilities. This dismay was shared by the broad public. The group Panday Sining unashamedly owned up to some of the more prominent instances of defacing. Not surprisingly, considering this group is closely-affiliated with the Philippines’ beleaguered communist movement, even former congressman Teddy Casino defended them.

We all know vandalising is a desperate act when nothing else works, much like “activists” who block traffic in busy intersections to attract attention. It’s a sign they are left with no other choice but to use dirty tactics in the absence of compelling arguments. They obviously can’t compete with sensible people like us even though they already have the help of mainstream media and powerful people like Risa Hontiveros.

These communists cannot gain the sympathy of the public by destroying facilities. No one wants to live surrounded by ugliness. Taxpayers will have to shoulder the cost of fixing whatever they destroy. Nonetheless these crooks continue to justify their “work”…

Statement issued on Twitter by communist group Panday Sining.

Even if they justify vandalism as “art”, art is subjective though. Your artwork won’t be everybody’s cup of tea. So to put your “art” on a public wall is not fair on people who don’t want to see it or find it ugly. Same with your ideology. Not everyone wants to be a communist. Accept our differences.

To insist your art is beautiful or that your ideology is great and shove it down people’s throats is pure arrogance. No wonder you struggle to earn the public’s trust. You don’t have a monopoly on being right.

These communists cannot be reasoned with or in Tagalog, hindi nakukuha sa pakiusap. Just arrest them and lock them up. They will not learn unless they suffer the consequences of their actions. Bring on the full force of the law upon these scum.

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