Fake “apology” statement makes matters worse for @YolyOng!


Embattled PR lady You Ong is still at it. This time she is frantically “clarifying” her relationship with “vice president” Leni Robredo and is asseting that she had never been employed by the Office of the Vice President.

I can’t get over how Yoly still doesn’t get the fact that her tweet was so insensitive that even some yellows were appalled by how callous she was in blaming the earthquake on Duterte supporters. She’s showing signs that she could be a sociopath. She lacks empathy.

Her recent non-apology is even more hilarious…

For a so-called PR “expert”, she seems ignorant of the fact that there are a lot of Duterte supporters from Manila and all over the country, not just Davao.

In her “apology” Ong is still blaming the people who were outraged over her tweets. Of course the comments against her continued because she followed up her original offending post with even more offensive posts. Then she talked about erosion of values when, the fact is, she actually demonstrated she doesn’t have any.

She still doesn’t get it. One should not post stuff telling everyone that Duterte supporters who are suffering from a natural disaster deserve it and should not benefit from help from relief efforts. And that was what this so-called PR expert said. She is the malicious one.

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