Yellow Opposition now say cleaning Manila Bay is “easy”. Why didn’t PNoy do it?

Yellows are now saying it’s so easy to clean up Boracay and Manila Bay. Then why didn’t former President Noynoy Aquino do it? Perhaps Noynoy didn’t think it was that easy. He didn’t do much during his term except use public funds to bribe members of Congress and to fund his party’s election campaign.

I’m all for the reclamation of Manila Bay if it means permanently getting rid of the squatters currently occupying it illegally. Previous governments should have kicked them out decades ago. Instead, they allowed the problem to get worse. Now the leftists are “fighting” for their “rights”.

The problem with some yellows is they cannot think long term. Not all policies result in instant or overnight change. Some policies take years to take effect. Building or improving infrastructure can take a few years or decades to complete. At least there is initiative.

Yellows are suddenly so impatient to see change, but they were ok when Noynoy was doing nothing to fix the country. He couldn’t even do the simplest of things like cleaning up the environment. Now that there are infrastructure upgrade projects on-going in the country, yellows simply dismiss it.

Let’s say cleaning up Boracay and Manila Bay are the only obvious accomplishments of the Duterte govt, but they are major ones that can affect the way Filipinos think. Cleaning up the environment can help Filipinos be more conscious of the way they treat their surroundings.

Jover Laurio a.k.a. @PinoyAkoBlog’s wedding a who’s-who of diminished and DEFEATED Opposition politicians

A lot of rabid yellow supporters on social media who were Jover Laurio’s’ contemporaries before she became “popular” didn’t even bother to greet or congratulate her on her recent nuptials. It seems they don’t think highly of her anymore. She probably acts like she is too good for them now.

Jover is very good at playing the victim. Like I said before, she is a talented scammer. It seems she found a way for others to fund her blog site and her extravagant wedding. She just had to suck up to the elite members of the yellow crowd and write what they want to read.

Jover doesn’t deserve my respect. She threatened to divulge private information about GRP writers even before she became “popular”. If she is telling the truth about knowing where we live, then I consider her a dangerous person. I do not trust her and she won’t get a break from me.

People who are worthy of compassion are those who have shown remorse. Jover hasn’t even apologised for her errors and for her efforts to malign other people. Instead, she acts like she is the victim. Just look at the way she acts like the “pa-boost” issue is nothing.

It is my personal advocacy to rid the Philippines of menaces to society and Kris Aquino, Jover’s one-time patron, is one of them. Besides, tweeting about the truth is not hard. It doesn’t take me away from other important things I have to do in the day. The question is, why wouldn’t you want to stop the likes of Kris and the entrenched oligarchy she represents?

Jover Laurio cannot say she is non-partisan after showing her true colours during her wedding.
(Photo source: Risa Hontiveros)

The yellow bigwigs still support Jover even after revelations that Kris Aquino was funding her and even though these facts show they are hypocrites in accusing others of being paid hacks. They don’t have a problem with it since her blogs are critical of Duterte. Very self-righteous.

Why should the public be bothered by what Jover did or does? Because she is involved in propagating negative propaganda against the current government and she doesn’t have any qualms about destroying other people’s lives just to get what she wants. She is a menace to Philippine society.

Jover Laurio of @PinoyAkoBlog is the reason why Kris Aquino and Nicko Falcis had a CATASTROPHIC falling out!

Jover Laurio said she has nothing to do with Nicko Falcis’s and Kris Aquino’s spat, but it turns out Jover was the one who told Kris about what Nicko thinks of her. She even gave a screen shot of her conversation with his brother. Jover made things worse for Nicko. She can’t be trusted.

Nicko Falcis simply wanted to resign as Kris Aquino’s business manager, but since Jover told Kris what Falcis thought of her, Kris made it difficult for Nicko and even took revenge by accusing him of embezzling her money. Jover was the cause of it all. Laurio ruined the relationship all for what? As Twitter user Reynaldo Juico points out

Laurio is a trying hard social climber trying to impress and make friends with the prom queen by making herself her eyes and ears. Pathetic.

Jover Laurio with other (current and former) Yellowtards in happier days

Indeed. Jover is a social climber. That’s essentially what Jesus Falcis thinks of her. Jover probably thought that by sucking up to a member of the oligarchy, she would become one of the elite. But as predicted, Kris doesn’t want anything to do with her anymore.

Why should the public be bothered by what Jover did or does? Because she is involved in propagating negative propaganda against the current government and she doesn’t have any qualms about destroying other people’s lives just to get what she wants. She is a menace to Philippine society.

Activists’ ironic fall for Gillette “toxic male” ad spells mega-$$s for Procter and Gamble!

What the production team for the Gillette ad failed to understand:

* Real men don’t like being told what to do.
* You do not piss off your No. 1 customer.
* Make your Ad about your product, not your personal advocacies.

The fact is, consumers of Gillette’s disposable razors have long fallen for the old — but highly-effective — marketing trick of selling “lifestyles” around a product that had been reduced to a mere commodity in a mature market.

This brouhaha around that anti- “toxic male” strawman is just that. In fact, like “millennial” and all the Gen X, Y, and other category labels, “toxic male” has become just another marketing notion used in the clever ads of dishonest corporations.

It is ironic that snowflake activists have fallen for what has turned out to be nothing more than a successful publicity stunt by Procter and Gamble CORPORATION.

Video of Kris Aquino responding to Nicko Falcis allegations: NAKAKABOBO!

Good thing there is a write up about Kris Aquino’s statement versus Nicko Falcis’s accusations. I tried to watch her video, but I felt like my brains cells were slowly dying the longer I watched it. I just had to stop after two minutes. She really thinks she’s cute and adorable to look at and listen to.

At the beginning of the video, Kris kept asking her alipores “Are we live? Are we live?” They kept saying yes, but she kept faking being surprised. For someone who’s been in showbiz since she was a teen, she was acting like an amateur. It’s obvious she was faking her responses.

Kris was also bragging about how close her family is and how they are there for each other. She made it sound like they are the best family one can ever have. Yeah, right! If their relationship is that good, why does she keep getting in trouble? They can’t fix her arrogance.

Kris kept saying she is dying. It’s so bizarre someone would say that. Perhaps this is her way of helping the Liberal Party members get voted in the coming mid-term elections.

The Aquino family is simply a dysfunctional family. The Addams family looks normal compared to them. The Aquinos only have their money to brag about, but they have no redeeming qualities. No wonder Noynoy and Kris are incapable of having relationships outside of their circle.

“About 2022”: Kris Aquino vows to be “healthy enough” by then! To seek REVENGE?

In her recent statement regarding the audio recording of her threat to have Nicko Falcis killed, Kris Aquino said someone big in politics is behind Nicko’s attack against her and is also funding the “trolls”.

“The Falcis family don’t realize they are just pawns. They are expendable, being used by bigger political powers,” Aquino said.

That’s another lame excuse and something that she’s actually guilty of doing.

Kris has a talent for twisting the facts and order of events. She was the one who attacked and provoked Falcis first. She asked why he’s only speaking out now. Well, perhaps her threats worked to scare him initially. Now he’s found the courage to speak out against her.

Another indication Kris could be lying about the condition of her health is how she said she might run in 2022 and added we should all be scared of her comeback.

“Hindi po ako magpapangalan. But this has to do with 2022. Alam ko naman, sila ang pumupondo doon sa trolls, sila ang pumupondo doon sa machinery now backing Nicko.

“Hindi nila nage-get, I’m not healthy enough for 2022, but let’s be honest . . . Sa ginawa niyo sa’kin, magpapalakas ako. Maghanda kayo. Magpapalakas talaga ako.

We are already scared now. We should not underestimate the number of people who are willing to sell their votes.

Teddy Locsin Jr FAILED at both defending Kris Aquino and addressing the DFA passport data leak issue

Not surprising the awarding of the contract for printing passports to a private company was just another one of those midnight deals during Noynoy Aquino’s term just before he stepped down from office. This is similar to the rushed mass vaccination using the untested Dengvaxia vaccine.

What’s also not surprising is the deafening silence of the rabid yellow supporters who were initially outraged when people were made to believe by Locsin that the contractor “made off” with the data. They are turning a blind eye to shady awarding of contracts involving millions of pesos.

This is probably why Locsin misreported that data from passport processing was “stolen” by the private contractor. He is focusing on defending Kris Aquino instead of focusing on his job in the Dept of Foreign Affairs. His defence is also lame. He simply dismisses threats. Because of his messed up priorities he failed at both.

Kris Aquino has isolated herself and is dragging the entire Philippine Opposition down with her

The so-called “queen of media” Kris Aquino is on her own. Her supporters like Jover Laurio can’t even come to her defence because they are also shocked at the revelation she threatened to have Nicko Falcis killed. Her own defence is weak and lame. She won’t get out of this one unscathed.

Kris can no longer lean on the “legacy” and “heroism” of her parents. She and her brother Noynoy have irreversibly tarnished their once-illustrious pedigree.

No, Ninoy and Cory Aquino are not heroes. They actually sentenced the Filipino people to decades of mediocrity and were responsible for introducing emo culture in Philippine society. Their family is dysfunctional. They are full of drama. The Filipino people deserve better.

Worse, the Aquinos took all of the Opposition down with them. They have contributed to an almost certain loss of their coalition at the polls. No amount of tantrums on the part of Kris can change that.

Kris Aquino in a spiral of self-destruction because she is a spoilt brat

Kris Aquino doesn’t have foresight. She divulged her illness to the public in a futile effort to get sympathy. But she doesn’t realise companies will now have second thoughts using her as a product endorser. They need someone who has a healthy mind and body to represent them.

Not only will companies abandon Kris because she looks unhealthy, she also behaves like a criminal especially when she threatened to have her ex-business partner killed. Her excuse that she was only bluffing won’t work to appease the public because the recording says otherwise.

What Kris did to her ex-business partner Nicko Falcis – manipulating the narrative to get the public on her side – is proof that dishonesty and dirty tactics will always backfire. She is a victim of her own vindictiveness. This is something she inherited from her mother Cory.

The kind of environment Kris grew up in definitely affected her. She got used to getting what she wanted because the Filipino people used to show the family deference after years of being bombarded with propaganda they owe Ninoy and Cory their so-called “freedom”. From what exactly?

Cory Aquino actually sentenced the Filipino people to entire lifetimes of mediocrity and emo culture.

Kris Aquino: a casualty of Ninoy’s and Cory’s misguided poltical ambition

Kris Aquino is proof Cory should not have been and was not an effective President. Cory could not even raise her children well, what more run a country with millions of people? It should start at home. Cory failed at both – raising her children well and running a country.

Kris is a product of her upbringing. It’s obvious since she was a teenager that her mother could not control her. Cory practically gave up on her. She is a casualty of her parents being involved so deep in politics. They prioritised their ambitions over their children.

The Aquino brand of politics involved treachery and double crossing even their allies. This was why former Senator Enrile was compelled to launch a coup during Cory’s time. Cory was supposed to be temporary in her role, but she clung to power. Her former VP Laurel said so himself. Laurel even pointed out that the persistent and even worsened communist insurgency is a legacy of Cory Aquino’s rule.

We promised to ‘break the back’ of the insurgency. But what is the record? From 16,500 NPA regular when Marcos fell, the communists now claim an armed strength of 25,200, of which 2,500 are in Metro Manila. They have infiltrated not only the trade unions, the schools, the churches and the media but your government, above all, and now ‘affect’ 20 percent of the country’s 42,000 barangays, according to official statistics.

Worse of all, it seems Kris Aquino was even bragging about how her family is capable of killing anyone who crosses her. The anti-EJK yellows should be alarmed and outraged!