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In life, things are not always what they seem.

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It seems Jover Laurio’s fellow yellows are not coming to her defense. That’s probably because they are also shocked to find out that the popularity of her blogs is courtesy of her sponsor Kris Aquino. They were not aware her posts were being boosted on Facebook. The popularity wasn’t organic. Jover’s credibility is gone and…

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Jover Laurio just admitted that her blogs got more exposure because these got boosted by Facebook after her sponsors paid her. Her popularity is fake just like the contents of her blogs are fake. But some people didn’t realise that the editors of the Inquirer were one of the first to give Jover a boost.…

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This article is taking a shot at Jover Laurio of @PinoyAkoBlog especially the part where the writer said “One must learn to write well. Learn writing techniques”. Jover definitely needs to improve on her “craft”. The time for truth is always now. In this age of misinformation, disinformation and viral deception, a call for more…

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Ahem…products of Ateneo who wreaked havoc in the Philippines: – Noynoy Aquino – Lourdes Sereno – Andy Bautista – Harvey Keh – Jim Paredes – Risa Hontiveros – Kris Aquino You have to wonder what is it about the school that produces sociopathic behaviour. Some say the name of the bully from the Ateneo should…

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Did you see how that Ateneo bully was fixing his hair before he beat the other kid? He was showing signs of narcissistic and psychopathic behaviour. To be fair, Joaquin Montes, the bully from Ateneo knew his Taekawondo moves, but he shouldn’t be using them against kids who can’t fight back. He should only be…

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