ABS-CBN is history. Time to move on.

Congress and, therefore, the people whom they represent have spoken. Representatives have voted to deny ABS-CBN renewal of its broadcast franchise. As expected, the Opposition is up in arms. Top ABS-CBN telejournalist Karen Davila echoes the collective wailing of a distraught fandom…

I can’t say I am surprised, but I am heartbroken. They have gotten their vengeance against ABSCBN and the Lopez family. What now Philippines?

I did say some time back that ABS-CBN is history and I was right. I did not even doubt the outcome would be anything but a “no” to the franchise renewal. The only people who thought there was still a chance are members of the delusional crowd who thought emotion could overrule facts.

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The way some other celebrities are behaving, however, it’s as if ABS-CBN’s broadcast franchise expired only yesterday. They were being delusional in expecting it would be renewed after it expired two months ago. Think about it. If the Congressmen were not compelled to renew it before it expired, what more after?

So to the network’s supporters, quit the drama already. ABS-CBN has been gone for 2 months. The fact that the franchise was not renewed before it expired should have prepared you for the outcome majority of members of Congress gave today – to deny the renewal application. Accept it and move on.

Now is the time to practice introspection and see where ABS-CBN management went wrong. Their problem did not start when Duterte was voted into power. Even during former President Noynoy Aquino’s term, Congress was already reluctant to renew the franchise. They had a strong case against the network. The network’s executive management failed to act on the issue.

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