Too much media coverage is a possible reason Vico Sotto is in trouble with the DOJ


Pasig Mayor Vico Sotto got in trouble with the law because of his statement reportedly allowing tricycles to continue operating in his city, which supposedly violates social distancing directives issued by the national government.

Although it remains debatable whether or not Sotto violated the “Bayanihan Act”, it needs to be pointed out that he appeared defiant at the beginning of the lockdown. His allies in the media did not help by highlighting his statements, which got him noticed by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG).

Vico Sotto supporters should also blame the media for overly amplifying and possibly misconstruing his statements at the beginning of the lockdown. He got too much screen time compared to other mayors who were quietly doing their jobs and cooperating with national govt. They were also resourceful.

Nonetheless, Vico Sotto eventually found a better way to help his constituents with their transportation problem using shuttle buses – which are safer and more efficient. If only he did that from the very start instead of talking to the media about allowing tricycles to still operate.

The fact that he had to comply with the directive eventually means he realised what he said and did was not in accordance with it. And by the way, you did not respond to the fact that at least Duterte supporters called out Koko while Vico supporters cannot admit he was wrong.

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