Philippine Opposition and freedom of choice advocates expect too much of the Duterte government!

It is now apparent who are the people relying too much on the government. They are actually the same people who accuse President Rodrigo Duterte of being a dictator. Ironically, they are the ones who keep demanding that he tell them what to do. They can’t seem to make their own call or judgement.

With the abundance of information and options available today, the onus is now on individuals to put their informed brains to work in critically evaluating those choices. The trouble with some people is that they, instead, opt to criticise their leaders for not making those important choices for them.

A tweet by radio personality Rowena Salvacion illustrates this lazy habit…

What Salvacion does not understand is that all ‪those bits of information she mentioned are recommendations and suggestions. She does not even have to heed them word for word. Salvacion should, instead, use her own judgement and own whatever choice of action she takes.

You can’t win when you are surrounded by people who think like Rowena Salvacion. I bet you that if Duterte orders a lockdown involving temporary closure of businesses and schools, the Opoostion will be the first to complain about it. They will say he doesn’t care about people’s livelihoods and demand that he provide for their needs. Some would then even assert that such an order is “a prelude to Martial Law”.

Rather than act like sheep waiting to be herded, Filipinos should take the time to think and then act on an informed choice.

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