#ABSCBN celebrity rants damage rather than help the network’s image

Coco Martin, Agot Isidro, Kim Chiu and other entertainers are busy having temper tantrums nowadays. This is proof that they are emotional and cannot talk about the issues rationally. This is bad for their so-called acting careers. This will affect how viewers see them on screen because these displays lift one’s suspension of disbelief to reveal the very unimpressive persons underneath.

Nonetheless, ABS-CBN’s entertainers think or were made to believe they are God’s gift to the Filipino people. They are full of themselves and also get involved in politics even when they don’t understand the issues. They don’t have class and are not in the same league as actors in the past. They are telegenic but are not very smart. They think their shows are vital to the survival of Filipinos. They would like us to believe they are fighting for the poor when in fact they are just fighting for the survival of their lame careers in showbiz.

Listening to Kim Chiu talk about ABS-CBN’s dilemma, for example, is like listening to a two-year-old talking about her time at daycare. For his part, Coco Martin was lying when he said he won’t have money to feed his family after ABS-CBN shuts down. That’s hard to believe. Perhaps they drink expensive wine with their exotic meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner in his household. No need to speculate though. The Net is full of photos of Martin posing with his expensive toys and features of his “resort-like” home.

ABS-CBN did not champion freedom from poverty. It kept millions of Filipinos glued to the TV, transfixed by their garbage shows. A lot of young people aspired to be “actors” and entertainers because they thought it was a ticket to financial freedom. The network encouraged this kind of lazy thinking. Indeed, if the network’s executives keep letting starlets do the talking on their behalf, they’ll probably lose more support from the public. And that ultimately is a good thing for Filipinos.

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