Sharon Cuneta reveals her insecurity when she brags about her wealth

Sharon Cuneta’s behaviour is very disturbing. She started off defending her daughter Kakie Pangilinan from critics, eventually went berserk and did a roll call of all her powerful connections just to hunt down an online troll and now is displaying irrational behaviour by bragging about being wealthy.

It is bizarre that Cuneta complains about people’s lack of decency then goes on to brag about her wealth and parades her luxury items. That’s not what decent people do. She doesn’t have class and is uncultured. If we are to believe what she’s saying, only “good” people get nice things. That’s stupid.

Posting a photo of a Rolex adorning what looks like her wrist on Instagram, the Megastar crows…

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You mean people thought I just grabbed the pic of the wrist wearing the watch? Hahaha! Que babaw. Good people are blessed – and not just with Rolexes! Unbelievable! But hilarious too! Watch my old movies. In many where I played wealthy characters, I wore my own watches and jewelry as chosen by my Production Designer. Or watch Madrasta na lang if you don’t have gana to watch my other movies. 1996 pa yon.

Cuneta epitomises the insecure “wealthy” Filipino who feels compelled to prove to everyone that she has money. People like her think they have to show off their expensive possessions just to get respect. Well, the only people she will impress are gullible star-struck ignoramuses.

Unfortunately for some people like Cuneta, wearing the most expensive clothing or accessories won’t make them look any classier. They try too hard to overcompensate for something they want people to overlook and in her case it’s the fact that she’s no supermodel.

Decent wealthy people don’t need to brag about their wealth. They know enough not to call too much attention to themselves lest they attract the attention of criminals. They are also secure enough not to need validation from strangers. They feel no need to impress everyone.

I guess Sharon Cuneta is too insecure and needs constant validation from strangers she doesn’t even know and supposedly does not care about. It is likely that she is showing off to make her critics envious. That’s proof she is not very smart because her critics can see through these antics and behold the shallow person that she is.

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