The shutdown of ABS-CBN is good for Philippine society

Whoa…hard to believe rule of law has prevailed in the Philippines! This is a victory for all the little people who got in trouble with the law for jaywalking, not having a permit to sell, not having a driver’s licence, etc.

No one is above the law, not even the mighty ABS-CBN.

It would be hypocritical if anyone from the Opposition would complain about the shutdown of ABS-CBN since they keep calling out to President Rodrigo Duterte to follow the law. This is not about freedom of speech. They can still talk and criticise Duterte or the government some other way.

As to the laughable argument that ABS-CBN was providing essential information in this time of COVID-19 pandemic, well, the timing couldn’t be helped. A deadline is a deadline. There are still other networks people can tune in to. For that matter, ABS-CBN is not that reliable to begin with.

The shutdown of ABS-CBN is a reminder that those who abuse their power will be put in their place one way or another. The owners played kingmaker for decades. They feature candidates they prefer to win in elections in their dramatised programs. They know how to trick the voters and mess with Filipinos’ heads.

ABS-CBN has also been a bad influence in Philippine society. Their shows often feature immoral behaviour and made it acceptable to behave badly. It is actually hypocritical of the owners and producers to frown on Duterte’s lifestyle since they have shows featuring ad nauseum plots surrounding “the other woman”, for example.

Don’t stress, people! Even though there is no more ABS-CBN, some of us are going to be entertained by the whining and gnashing of teeth by the Oppostion. It will be nice to see them suffer another major blow to their egos. They are such hopeless cases. They are clearly on the wrong side of history.

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