Front page of Philippine Daily Inquirer CRAMMED with fluff pieces about Noynoy Aquino!

Above is a screenshot of the online edition of the Inquirer as of the 25th June 2021. It’s got all sorts of fluff pieces about the late former President Noynoy Aquino who died yesterday, the 24th. Yellowtard media is certainly doing its darndest to make up for the absence of one of their key henchmen, […]

Isko Moreno runs out of English in interview with Karen Davila on ANC

This is painful to watch. ANC anchor Karen Davila knows very well that Manila Mayor Isko Moreno is not a good English speaker. Why does she force the issue by continuing to conduct the interview in English? Because it’s on ANC? On the other hand, Isko falls into the same trap. He forces himself to […]

Is Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte a narcissist?

The very nature of politics is gaslighting is it not? I don’t see any reason why the accusation should be limited to President Rodrigo Duterte. Pandering is another politician’s trait. So is patronizing. In his Manila Times piece “Presidential gaslighting”, Professor Antonio Contreras again pushes this non-issue… The [“Duterte Die hard Supporters”] DDS had this […]

Look no further than Manolo Quezon to understand the lying ways of the Philippine Opposition

It’s actually the Opposition incessant criticizing leading to things being debated to death and not, as Inquirer columnist and former Communications Undersecretary Manolo Quezon III (MLQ3) claims in his piece “Debating things to death” that “those who try to solve problems in the Philippines get crucified for it.” Quezon then goes on to write… …at […]

Leni Robredo is the Philippines’ biggest gaslighter — probably suffers from Narcissistic Personality Disorder

I thought this was a column piece of substance considering its author is a former Secretary of Foreign Affairs. In “The social media imperative” published on the Philippine Star, Roberto Romulo writes of “trolls”… “It was these ‘warriors’ on social media who delivered the presidency to Duterte, who won with over 16.6 million votes–convincingly and […]

PhilSTAR writer Joel Pablo Salud BUTTHURT by his failed tiff with F Sionil Jose

So they do read sometimes… (He refers to my earlier piece, “F Sionil Jose likens Duterte to Magsaysay, Philippine Opposition OFFENDED!”.) For the information of Philippine Star writer Joel Pablo Salud, I’m not a blogger to begin with. I’m just a pundit. I don’t even think of myself as a good writer. But what do […]

The Philippine press is no longer on the Filipino people’s side

Growing up, I read the Bulletin Today, Times Journal and Daily Express. These were the broadsheets in circulation for a “martial law” baby such as I. Newscasts then were perfunctory. The news was read without any commentary, in English. If you wanted the news in the vernacular, there was the AM radio stations. The shift […]

No point celebrating ABS-CBN “death” anniversary because Filipinos have moved on

On this day last year, ABS-CBN died. Yes, it died. Nobody “killed” it. More importantly, nobody really cared because all ABS-CBN was to most Filipinos was a space filler — a channel through which noise was piped to a people uncomfortable with silence that would have otherwise been essential for reflection. The only people who […]

F Sionil Jose likens Duterte to Magsaysay, Philippine Opposition OFFENDED!

Public intellectuals give their opinions so the people can decide which side to take. The “esteemed” Philippine Star writer Joel Pablo Salud likes to think of himself as being at par with top national artist F. Sionil Jose in a rant he posts on Facebook where he writes of Jose… His influence as national artist […]

False Philippine claim to Whitsun Reef resources led to Chiara Zambrano “banca” stunt

Bobi Tiglao’s Manila Times column today lends credence to that staged chase between the “banca” of Chiara Zambrano and the Chinese Navy fast attack boat but I don’t think that the Secretary of Foreign Affairs and the Secretary of National Defense are deliberately sabotaging the President by painting him in a corner. Nonetheless Tiglao asserts […]