GMA “reporter” Eduard Faraon’s blatant partisan stunt erodes his credibility as a journalist and that of GMA News

A GMA News “reporter” posting a video where he mimes messages (TikTok style) that denounce the “Martial Law Era” and presents “data” to substantiate these messages is making the rounds. Eduard Faraon has earned his 15 minutes of fame among members of the Philippine Opposition by making his partisan sentiments evident on Twitter

There is a lot to be said about this online stunt, but the most important one that should be highlighted is the fact that this young journalist is not being discrete about his partisanship. His credibility is now damaged. His reporting would be considered biased. It could be argued that Faraon uses his personal Twitter account for these stunts, but he does advertise his being a “GMA News reporter” on that very same account.

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Swimming pool selfies don’t mix with activism that aims to reach the masses.

If Faraon’s aim is to convert people to his “cause”, showing himself frolicking in a swimming pool may not be the best way to achieve that. Seasoned politicians and activists go through a lot of trouble to come across as down-to-earth and accessible. Certainly taking selfie videos in a pool situated on a high-rise is the opposite of that approach.

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