A Grace Poe presidency must be stopped from happening at all costs!

Recent events have shown just what kind of a politician Senator Grace Poe is. She heads what is essentially an emerging powerful poltical clan and, it seems, ABS-CBN is intertwining itself into the Poe clout. This highlights just what a scary thought a Poe presidency could have been had she won the 2016 elections. Her relationship with ABS-CBN and the predisposition she exhibited for mis-allocating public resources — even flouting the law — in aid of a crony media firm demonstrates her potential for abuse of power.

For its part, ABS-CBN is evidently desperate to put in power a politician who is in their pockets. It seems they see Grace Poe as that politician as she remains winnable — at least more so than the current Opposition “leader”, the “vice president” Leni Robredo. Poe is also more articulate, better composed, and commands presence in the Senate — leadership traits that Robredo can only wish for.

Filipinos however must not turn a blind eye to the dishonesty in Poe’s actions these days.

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In this instance it is clear. Poe is violating the law. She is directly profiting from ABS-CBN franchise granted by the government. She should be charged and removed from office! Mark my word, Grace Poe would be ruthless if she runs and wins the next election to become the next President. We must do everything in our power to stop this from happening. She doesn’t care if she breaks the law and doesn’t care what the public thinks of her conflict of interest.

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