10 reasons why Leni Robredo comes across as an airhead

I earlier suggested to Richard Heydarian that instead of dismissing RJ Nieto’s opinion about Leni Robredo, he should ask Nieto why he thinks Leni is an airhead. While we are waiting for their exchange, I came up with my own list of why Leni comes across as an airhead to a lot of people:

(1) She doesn’t think before making a statement especially when it comes to issues against Duterte.

(2) She ignores irregularities that occurred during the 2016 Presidential elections just because she was declared the “winner” of the VP race.

(3) She keeps criticising Duterte and at the same time hopes for a better relationship with him.

(4) She doesn’t seem to realise she is a part of the government she is criticising.

(5) Her statements in Tagalog cannot be understood. They are incoherent and nonsensical.

(6) She says she doesn’t think about replacing Duterte or is not part of the ouster plan to remove him from office but she is encouraging the Opposition to file an impeachment case against him. 

(7) She’s too dense. Duterte has already insulted her and ridiculed her but she is still all smiles and giggly like there is nothing wrong. 

(8) She is still loyal to the Liberal Party despite strong evidence of their criminal negligence during their term in office. This can only mean she doesn’t think independently.

(9) She’s always attending ceremonial events for photo ops.

(10) She was already fired from her cabinet post, but she still acts like nothing bad happened.

It’s no surprised another cabinet member called her “boba” or stupid. There is enough evidence to support it.

According to “sociologist” Ash Presto (@sosyolohija), Filipino voters are “just plain rotten”

The Yellowtards are in the midst of a monumental temperamental tantrum following a catastrophic loss of their Opposition bets in this year’s elections. They now dismiss Filipino voters as “bobo” (stupid) for not voting for their candidates. But in the face of clear evidence that this summary judgement of people who voted against the Opposition is a big lie, they are now on a warpath to slander highly-educated people who they believe supported administration-backed candidates.

One such person is a certain Athena Charanne “Ash” R. Presto who “graduated summa cum laude”, teaches at the Sociology Department of the University of the Philippines, Diliman, is currently taking her MA Sociology at the same institution, and tweets at @sosyolohija.

She writes in a Rappler article

One should not set oneself up as a scholar if he or she refuses to recognize the moral responsibility that scholars are faced with, especially in the Philippines under the Duterte administration.

Unfortunately, the way Presto tweets does not, in any way, mirror the spirit of true scholarship she articulates.

In a single ill-thought-out tweet, Presto, as the typical “woke” snowflake is prone to do, reveals more about her real character — one that is profoundly inconsistent with her “woke” talk.

The trouble with Presto is that she builds an entire argument on an unsound foundation — her personal judgement that the candidates backed by the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte are the wrong people to vote. This is problematic because, according to the Philippine Constitution, only the vote can determine who is RIGHT for the job of representing Filipinos in Congress. Yet, Presto writes…

Those who had the means to get an education but who still chose to vote for the President’s allies are not bobo – they are just plain rotten.

Not only does Presto presume to be an authority on who Filipino voters should vote for, she builds an entire thesis on how one ought to apply one’s knowledge and education in his or her chosen field of endeavour, on her pompous and presumptuous judgement. That is not for anyone to decide for another. And, certainly, there are ways to make good use of one’s education beyond “morality, rights, and justice”.

Indeed, scholars of the hard sciences pride themselves in not having to defer to those nebulous flakey concepts to explain how the world works, how fortunes are made and lost, and how human nature shapes history and life on the planet. In doing so, a true intellectual (something Presto evidently is not despite her education) is able to use theories agnostic to such polticially-motivated constructs to develop better frameworks upon which truly visionary pathways for human progress could be charted — something the Opposition in this year’s elections failed to present to the Filipino Voter.

Who should Filipinos vote for in the coming elections? It’s none of your business

There is a reason why voting booths are semi enclosed — because The Vote is private. Those who feel they need to shoutout who they’re going to vote for do so because they are presumptuous in their thinking that their opinions matter that much.

Rather than proclaim who they are voting for and assume that others would follow suit on the basis of that endorsement, campaign groupies should, instead, articulate the principles they espouse and leave it to their audience and followers to vet and evaluate the different candidates guided by those principles.

Presumptuous at best, an insult to the intelligence at worst; partisans who shoutout their “personal lists” are no better than the religious cults they criticise for being too prescriptive on their respective flocks’ voting decisions.

The bad habit of personality-based partisanism needs to be stamped out of Philippine politics. It’s time Filipino voters grow up and start focusing on ideas and platforms and less on the publicity stunts and empty sloganeering of traditional politicians.

The dumb argument style of Fake News Crybabies like @MrsUnlawyer is the reason why Maria Ressa is obsolete

The intellectually-bankrupt argument is sadly all-too-familiar — an accusation of “fake news” that, when challenged, reveals very little substance nor basis. Here is one such recent example.

A challenge mounted by an inquisitive Netizen asking simple child-like questions ensues over a series of tweets

…but the bitter end, as far as any challenge to the quaint beliefs of Yellowtards is tragically predictable.

It is interesting to note that the Netizen known as @MrsUnlawyer already gained infamy following a challenge she issued some time back that encouraged her followers to vote on ways to effect violence on popular blogger Mocha Uson.

It is therefore not surprising why these cliques of amigas have for some time been inadvertently isolating themselves. Their lack of consistency between their virtue signalling and the manner with which they conduct themselves continues to erode their credibility.