Front page of Philippine Daily Inquirer CRAMMED with fluff pieces about Noynoy Aquino!

Above is a screenshot of the online edition of the Inquirer as of the 25th June 2021. It’s got all sorts of fluff pieces about the late former President Noynoy Aquino who died yesterday, the 24th. Yellowtard media is certainly doing its darndest to make up for the absence of one of their key henchmen, […]

Leni Robredo is so dumb that she INSISTS on being the Opposition presidential bet for 2022

In an interview with “journalist” Barnaby Lo on Viewpoint last night, “vice president” Leni Robredo confirmed that she personally believes that she should be the single presidential candidate of the Opposition for the 2022 elections. On #Viewpoint moments ago… Me: “So the major factor in deciding to run for president is if it’s only you […]

Why does @1Sambayan need to wait until June 12?

Is this some sort of drumroll tactic? Opposition newsletter Rappler “reports” that top Opposition coalition of the moment, 1Sambayan “would unveil on Independence Day its official list of nominees for president, vice president, and senators whom the group would endorse in the 2022 elections.” It will also “ask Filipinos to vote online and help them […]

#GetRealPhilippines is a TROVE of election analysis going back to 2010

Election fever is officially kicked off and everyone is locked-and-loaded for the media circus coming to town — everyone, that is, but the Yellowtard- and communist-led Philippine Opposition who to, this day, can only hope for a “maybe” (as former Inquirer editor John Nery puts it in his piece today) as far as bagging a […]

Indeed, the Yellowtards are stupid for taking Duterte’s jetski “promise” literally

Looking back, one can easily observe that the only people who took an alleged “promise” made by Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte during his campaign to ride a jetski to the South China Sea to confront China literally are the Yellowtards. So seriously did they take this “promise” that they even used it as fodder for […]

No point celebrating ABS-CBN “death” anniversary because Filipinos have moved on

On this day last year, ABS-CBN died. Yes, it died. Nobody “killed” it. More importantly, nobody really cared because all ABS-CBN was to most Filipinos was a space filler — a channel through which noise was piped to a people uncomfortable with silence that would have otherwise been essential for reflection. The only people who […]

Duterte’s birthday lechon CANCELLEDT by Yellowtards and communists!

Is lechon (roast suckling pig) served during Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s birthday dinner a big deal? Apparently the Yellowtards (paritsans rabidly loyal to the Aquino-Cjuangco clan) think so. They’ve been feasting on Duterte’s birthday lechon meal all day on social media. Just counting the number of times Duterte’s birthday is mentioned on Twitter, for example, […]

Liza Soberano cannot save the Philippines – certainly not with her tweets

Filipino showbiz starlet Liza Soberano tweets something about the “plight” of Filipinos in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic and all of Yellowtardom gush to the high heavens. If we examine the substance of in Soberano’s tweets, we will find that there is none — or at least nothing that is original. All there is […]

Online petition for Leni Robredo to RETIRE from politics CRUSHES Opposition call!

A petition for current “vice president” Leni Robredo to run for President in 2022 launched 4 days ago is being handily buried by a petition for Leni Robredo to retire from politics that was launched just 15 hours ago. The petition Encourage VP Leni Robredo to RUN FOR PRESIDENT for the 2022 PH National Elections! […]

Twitter account @PinoyAkoBlog mysteriously DISAPPEARS!

It seems popular Yellowtard social media personality Jover Laurio’s Twitter account @PinoyAkoBlog had mysteriously disappeared from Twitter. Even more mysterious is how major Opposition “thought leaders” are seemingly tight-lipped on the matter — almost as if they had all agreed to maintain “radio silence” about this. Leaks from other curious Netizens are emerging but information […]