Taxpayer funds shouldn’t be spent on a UP course on “Martial Law”!

What is the whole point of a course on “Martial Law”? That “era” after all is just a quaint mention in most history subjects already taught at most universities worth their salt. Yet here we see a bunch of chi chi “academics” implementing a brainwave they have and expecting Filipino taxpayers to fork over the funds to sustain it…

The last thing UP students need is yet another Mickey Mouse course. Seriously, learning about “Martial Law” will not get you that hot shot job at Shell or Citibank.

All this course will be is yet another channel through which the already bad communist infestation in university campuses will indoctrinate their next generation of party grunts and recruit the jungle fodder for their terrorist force, the New People’s Army.

Filipino taxpayers should put their foot down and REFUSE to have any more of this Martial Law Crybabyism being institutionalised into an already underfunded public sector.

@TonyoCruz DECLARES that the Marcoses are BANNED from UP campuses!

A bit rich coming from an avowed thought leader of the Philippines’ community of communist “activists”. Here is Tonto Cruz presuming to be an authority on who has the right to be in and engage in activities within the campuses of the University of the Philippines.

Rich, because communists are, themselves, renowned for being an unwanted infestation in the very same campuses. They are intellectually dishonest and continue to harp on their famously baffling “US-[insert current president here] Dictatorship”.

Communist ‘activists’ are notorious for their vandalism.

Taxpayers’ funds are definitely being wasted on UP students who walk out of their classes to join protest rallies organised by a group that espouse an obsolete ideology and is associated with a known terrorist group.

Tonyo Cruz is in bad need of a reality check and, more importantly, a lesson in intellectual honesty.

Randy David proves Yellowtards wrong: “Democracy” was never the solution to Philippine poverty!

In a public lecture he delivered in Fukuoka, Japan this week, David attempts to “explain the apparent public acceptance by the Filipino people of what many observers abroad regard as the most brutal presidency the Philippines has ever known”.

In trying to explain why the Philippines has once again turned to authoritarianism, it may be useful to begin by saying that, perhaps, we have never been democratic.

The modern institutions of Western liberal democracy – free elections, a free press, an independent judiciary, a bill of rights, etc. — came a little too soon to the Philippines. Our civil and political rights came ahead of economic rights.

This observation is consistent with the development models of East Asia’s biggest success stories which include South Korea and Singapore, then Malaysia and Thailand, and now Vietnam and possibly other emerging Indochinese states. These states achieved much of their economic prosperity under authoritarian regimes.

Nonetheless, the fact remains that, in the Philippines, people are still free to voice their dissent, whether online or in real life. Last we saw, critics of President Rodrigo Duterte critics have yet to prove that the alleged extrajudicial killings have his blessing, and that he is using the killings to silence his critics.

Ricky Reyes: Gay people are NOT entitled to special treatment

In a video that’s making waves this week, successful businessman Ricky Reyes, founder of the iconic hairdressing empire that bears his name, echoes what had long been the sentiment of a good chunk of the gay community. Reyes makes a good point — that the gay community need not force themselves upon the broader public space as they are already part of a strong community that enjoy a long historical record of contributing value to society.

Ang affair ng mga bakla dapat sa atin lang ‘yan. ‘Wag nating pangalandakan. Bakit pa kailangan sabihin sa madlang people na ‘Huy, intindihin mo nga ako. Bakla ako.

Translated: “The affairs of gay people are our own community’s alone. Let’s not impose this on others. Why do we pester people by telling them ‘Hey, pay attention to us. We are gay.'”

On the issue of transgender “women” Reyes points out that these people still think like and, for all intents and purposes, are gay men. “Grind them and they’ll come out as gay hamburgers,” he quips in Tagalog.

Ricky Reyes is saying what some of us have been saying for so long – that members of the LGBTQ+ community do not have to force themselves on people who don’t like them. They have their own community they can go to anyway. Reyes is also proof Philippine society has had a long history of embracing its gay community. He is a success in his chosen endeavour and testament to the reality that real acceptance comes on the back of achievement and measurable success.

A successful entrepreneur from way back in the 1980s when “gay rights” was not the snowflake fashion statement it is today, Reyes has proven that “rights” or no “rights” people who have what it takes will be successful whether gay or straight. That said, Reyes is proof that the Philippines has long been accepting of its gay community — with or without the snowflake “activism” that infests the discourse today.

Vice Ganda explains to Tito Sotto what makes a “real” woman and FAILS!

Filipino comedian Vice Ganda misses the point by a mile when he weighed in on the debate around what makes a real woman.

The “It’s Showtime” host said he believes that a woman is not defined by her ability to reproduce, contradicting the statement of Sotto.

Addressing the senate president, Vice Ganda said: “Parang ang baba naman po pala ng tingin nyo sa mga BABAE. Naniniwala po ako na ang mga BABAE ay BABAE di dahil sa obaryo at sa kakayahang bumukaka at umire.

Here’s a reality check, Mr Ganda. Both genders — men and women — are defined by their reproductive roles. In fact, the whole point of sexuality is the production of offspring that contributes to the strengthening and diversity of a species’ gene pool.

Sexual reproduction ensures that there is a constant exchange and dilution of DNA and introduces competition in the propagation of its copies. The costly stuff we do to get someone in bed ensures that the most fit candidate gets to fuck. Today, we are all offspring of ancestors who successfully got some. They all went through the motions of jumping hoops to get someone in the sack with them. And this is why we — and all animals and plants that roam and take root in the earth today — continue to sustain our populations. The diversity of the gene pool makes us resilient to disease and the competition sexual reproduction demands ensures the fittest get to reproduce.

As a final point, you really shouldn’t be mansplaining womanhood to real women, Mr Ganda. It just make you come across as, well, a typical male.

Discrimination cannot be legislated off human nature

Anti-“discrimination” laws, taken too far, go against human nature and will only result in unintended consequences — like driving underground all the “discriminatory” behaviour these were designed to eradicate. The fact is, there are natural human predispositions at work around why “discrimination” exists.

(1) People are tribal.

This is the reason sport events are fun and emotional experiences — because we like rooting for teams we feel an affinity with, chanting and waving in sync with a mob, and being in solidarity with our “tribe”. Indeed the hysteria around, say, basketball matches between Ateneo and La Salle are brilliant displays of primal tribalism.

(2) Humans are visual creatures.

Again, tribes are often identified by their colours. Ateneo = blue, La Salle = green, to extend further the earlier example. It is also an established fact that people with pleasing appearances elicit more positive responses from people they are communicating with. Humans are also hardwired to be cautious with or recoil from unfamiliar sights.

(3) Discrimination is an ingrained psychological rule of thumb.

Humans have to manage limited resources in terms of time and brain space. Discrimination predisposes us to gravitate to the familiar and distance ourselves from the strange to save time and energy that is at risk of being invested in the wrong people. It’s an instinct we share with our cousin species across the animal kingdom.

No amount of legislation will change these deeply-invested characteristics of the human mind and psyche. To do so results in the legislative agendas of today all crafted with substandard and sloppy thinking.

Islamic terrorist “retirees” rewarded MILLIONS by Philippine Government!

One wonders what the families of the soldiers and civilians killed by the “fighters” of the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) now that the Philippine Government is reportedly doling out enormous reward packages to their “retirees” are thinking.

Each retired fighter will receive a million pesos’ worth of cash, scholarships, health insurance, and training to become productive civilians.

It seems not just crime but terrorism pays well in the Philippines. One couldn’t be blamed in thinking that the 2015 deaths of 44 Special Action Force officers at Mamasapano, all coldly massacred by these “fighters”, were all in vain.

We’d like to think the deaths of the 44 SAF troopers meant something — that their deaths will not have all been in vain. Sadly, we will have to face the truth that their deaths were utterly senseless. Nowadays, the MILF leadership happens to be in bed with the Philippine government. Baffling indeed!

For that matter, the deaths of hundreds of thousands of Filipino soldiers and police officers who fought these Islamic terrorists could be said to have all been in vain. The enemy was not beaten. Though they died serving their country as heroically as Jose Rizal did, they did not really change anything.

BREAKING: Philippine Daily Inquirer APOLOGISES to Malacanang spox Sal Panelo!

Statement published by the Inquirer apologising to Malacanang spokesperson Salvador Panelo: apologizes for reporting on its social media platform that Secretary Salvador Panelo wrote a letter to BPP executive director Reynaldo Bayang recommending executive clemency for ex-Calauan Mayor Antonio Sanchez. posted Secretary Panelo’s clarification upon receipt of his statement on the matter. The updated reports stated that he merely referred the request of Sanchez’s family to Bayang.

Recall that the Inquirer, along with “social news network” Rappler was threatened with libel raps following allegations that they had misled their readership by “reporting” that Panelo had “recommended” presidential clemency be extended to convicted murderer and rapist Antonio Sanchez.

All eyes are now on Rappler now that the Inquirer had acceded to a demand earlier issued by Panelo to apologise or suffer the consequences.

He cited an breaking news tweet that used the word “recommending,” and a Rappler article which used the word “endorsed” in its headline in reference to his action on the Sanchez family’s letter.

“It is for this reason that I will be filing libel cases against the reporters of and Rappler, Inc. should they fail to comply with my demand for a public apology and rectification,” he said in a statement.

This follows a story earlier published on Get Real Pundit citing Inquirer staff writer Marlon Ramos for also using the word “recommend” in a tweet on the same subject.

Rappler and Inquirer in HOT water as Malacanang spox Salvador Panelo files libel raps

Did Rappler publish a libelous statement against Malacanang spokesman Salvador Panelo? The mystery persists. A statement posted on Twitter by Rappler in the form of an image outlined their response to the complaint.

For its part, the Inquirer, contacted by GMA News for its report on the story has declined to comment.

“We will wait for the actual libel complaint to be filed before responding,” the Inquirer told GMA News Online in a phone interview.

It seems, however, that an Inquirer staff writer, Marlon Ramos, claimed in a tweet that Panelo had “recommended” executive clemency for Sanchez.

Some prominent folks have, as a result, come forward to give their opinion on the matter…

Would a libel complaint against the two Yellow-leaning news media organisations prosper? Abangan ang susunod na kabanata.

Social media “influencers” are messing up the environment and young minds by promoting TRAVEL

I mean, really, how much leisure travelling must one be doing? Nowadays one is made out to be some sort of loser when they don’t make use of a long weekend, an extended break from work, or time off in between jobs to do “a bit of travelling”.

Take this one, for example…

I mean, really?

Many of these influencers also double as crusaders for the environmental “cause”. Indeed, they would, in all ironies, promote a travel package of some sort to one “rapidly-vanishing” natural heritage site or another and invite their audience to behold the experience to appreciate nature’s natural bounty. Ironic because, to get to many of these sites, requires air travel — one of the biggest contributors to climate change.

Imagine the social pressure and consider too that an entire generation of young Filipinos are coming of age in an era where air travel is a “must do”.

It’s high time we apply a more critical mind to the effect these “influencers” are having on an impressionable society such as that of the Philippines’. Think of all the young folks living on the sorts of salaries people fresh out of school earn and maxing out their credit cards because these bozos tell them they “must” travel now that it’s September.