Time to invest in the future and on the SCIENTISTS who can make that future happen

Ironic that Yellowtards, whose members are an assortment of religious nuts, shrill emotional blackmailers, and artsy social climbing types are now decrying those who “crucify” scientists who have long been consistent in applying systematic thinking on the back of facts.

The fact is, science and technology will not thrive in a society addicted to poverty porn. Unfortunately poverty porn is the opiate of liberals and communists as evident in the messaging propagated by their “activists” and “thought leaders”.

Ours is a society where thinking is not held in high regard. Rather, it is “taking action” being “in solidarity” and “just helping out” that account for the majority of pathways Filipinos are encouraged to take. This is deeply problematic.

A focus on action, solidarity, and the “less fortunate” collectively accounts for the failure to aspire to higher-level human endeavours that demand time to think, innovate, and envision. In short, dreamers — those who dare to imagine the contrary — are derided as unproductive.

There are communities of people who are either beyond help and, because generations of them were led to believe they are “special” and, as such, entitled to “salvation”, absorb an inordinate amount of resources that could have been better invested in those more likely to prosper.

It’s high time we invest in the future and in people who can make that future happen rather than on those who constantly beg to be pandered to.

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