“Activists” attending protest rallies in this year’s #SONA2019 should LISTEN


Protest rallies are meant to encourage their participants to make noise rather than listen. This is unfortunate because most real learning happens when listening and not when one is talking.

It is therefore ironic that the very mobs who issue shrill cries that “press freedom” is “dead” are the very ones who would engage in an activity the aim of which is to drown out the most important voice in any country — that of its head of government.

Activists parrot slogans uncritically and hardly ever pause to deeply understand what they are actually saying.

In essence, “activists” come to their rallies with pre-set mindset and no capacity to apply critical thinking. This is evident in the slogans they have locked into in their protest paraphernalia. They come to chant slogans and generally act in the manner scripted for them by their “thought leaders”.

As such, it is interesting that these “activists” now criticise Filipinos who voted for current President Rodrigo Duterte as being “stupid” in their choice.

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