10 reasons why Leni Robredo comes across as an airhead

I earlier suggested to Richard Heydarian that instead of dismissing RJ Nieto’s opinion about Leni Robredo, he should ask Nieto why he thinks Leni is an airhead. While we are waiting for their exchange, I came up with my own list of why Leni comes across as an airhead to a lot of people:

(1) She doesn’t think before making a statement especially when it comes to issues against Duterte.

(2) She ignores irregularities that occurred during the 2016 Presidential elections just because she was declared the “winner” of the VP race.

(3) She keeps criticising Duterte and at the same time hopes for a better relationship with him.

(4) She doesn’t seem to realise she is a part of the government she is criticising.

(5) Her statements in Tagalog cannot be understood. They are incoherent and nonsensical.

(6) She says she doesn’t think about replacing Duterte or is not part of the ouster plan to remove him from office but she is encouraging the Opposition to file an impeachment case against him. 

(7) She’s too dense. Duterte has already insulted her and ridiculed her but she is still all smiles and giggly like there is nothing wrong. 

(8) She is still loyal to the Liberal Party despite strong evidence of their criminal negligence during their term in office. This can only mean she doesn’t think independently.

(9) She’s always attending ceremonial events for photo ops.

(10) She was already fired from her cabinet post, but she still acts like nothing bad happened.

It’s no surprised another cabinet member called her “boba” or stupid. There is enough evidence to support it.

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