Upper class “woke” types defending #ABSCBN and its jolog “talents” prove they want to keep the Filipino masses stupid!

One of the funny things about this ABS-CBN shutdown is that the noisiest, shrillest cries of pain and dismay come from upper class types. Not just perfumed upper class types, mind you, but always angry, always online Woke™ types.

You would think those people, on a normal, Duterte-free day, would have nothing to do with jologs, Tagalog speaking, IQ-depleting shows like Showtime or Generic Infidelity Drama #69 but no.

There they are, taking a break from their English language Netflix binging to #DefendFreedomofSpeech! Plastering their FB’s and Twitters with wokescolds in Tagalog that these Arrneow types can’t pronounce.

Imagine their sort saying something like “kasalanan na ang manahimik sa panahong ito” – Baka mabulunan pa sila.

Now, remember that the filth that ABS-CBN has injected into the minds of your ordinary, non-woke, non-elite Filipino for all these years. And take a long, hard, look at the way the enlightened woke types raise hell over ABS-ShitBN’s shutdown.

You would think, are they keeping their perfect, 21st century entertainment and enlightenment for themselves while the lumpen wallow in their filth?

Nope, there’s no conspiracy to dumb the masses here, ladies and gentlemen! Move on and have a nice day!

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