LGBTQ+ and feminist “activists” should highlight ACHIEVEMENT rather than gender

Entrepreneur Ricky Reyes’s recent comments on gay “rights” drew flak from advocates of LGBTQ+ “equality”.

Reyes actually provides employment to a lot of gays and transgenders. It’s not fair that his critics are saying he has forgotten what it’s like to be discriminated against. You can actually argue that being discriminated against helped him work harder at proving himself. That’s not something that will likely happen to the new generation of gays who keep getting special treatment and assert their entitlement to special treatment.

A lot of people like me see him as a hard worker and savvy business person, not someone who is simply “gay”. Our sexual orientation shouldn’t define us. What we do and achieve is what defines us.

Since feminists want people to look beyond their gender and acknowledge their achievements instead, members of the LGBTQ+ community should do the same. They cannot keep telling people they need to be treated a certain way just because of their sexual orientation.

In fact being a rabid gay “activist” is a slippery slope that could easily lead to hate as Rappler columnist Shakira Sison demonstrates in this tweet.

Such rabid members of the LGBTQ+ community are negating even the work of feminists who have been discriminated against because of their gender. By highlighting their gender, misguided individuals within the LGBTQ+ advocacy want people to focus on the their identity, not their achievements. In doing so, they diminish their cause rather than elevate its profile.

Transgender “women” wouldn’t have a clue about what real women go through

As a woman, I don’t get how some men can say they “identify as a woman” because there is so much about being a woman that I myself don’t even understand. Like why do some of us go for “bad boys”? And they haven’t even tried having periods every month! Being a woman can be complicated.

There is so much about being a woman that goes far beyond looking like a woman. A woman has to be everything – be Madonna-like and be “fun” at the same time. Sometimes it’s hard to be “fun” because you could attract the wrong type of man. Just wearing a mini skirt can get you in a lot of trouble.

Men who identify as a woman do not know half of what real women go through. It’s not easy for women to voice their opinion because most societies still think women should be seen, not heard. We have to dress “appropriately” before we can be taken seriously.

Just because you think you’re a woman, doesn’t mean you are a woman. Real women have to deal with the hormones that drive us to behave like a woman. If you have to take drugs just to mimic what we naturally go through, then you are not a real woman. You merely want to be one.

Gretchen Diez sets back the LGBTQ cause by OVER-playing the victim card

Recent revelations highlight the fact that Chayra Ganal, the janitress in the middle of the circus kicked up by Gretchen Diez (who “identifies” as a woman) after she was refused entry into a female restroom, is a contractual employee, pregnant, and a woman. Ganal is, in all ironies, the very embodiment of the archetypical “victim” the snowflakes who now rail against her have painted their people as.

Now Diez has been made into the shrill wailing postergirl of the LGBTQ “cause”. Even her political opinions are now reportedly given weight by no less than the Senate Committee on Women, Children, Family Relations and Gender Equality.

How about that, right?

Diez, it seems, is the latest manufactured victim that had been WEAPONISED by snowflakedom. Indeed, Ganal continues to be the subject of a vicious cyberbullying campaign being led by “thought leaders” of the feminist movement and the mighty Gay Lobby. No less than a member of Congress, Geraldine Roman is leading the charge, taking full advantage of the lofty soapbox accorded to her as a House Representative to launch her tirades against the hapless contractual employee of the vast Farmers Plaza Mall owned by the Araneta feudal clan.

Perhaps Gretchen Diez should man up and face the truth about what she had done. She used her connections while behind the dishonest disguise of victimhood to persecute the humble employee Chayra Ganal. That’s certainly not something to be proud of.

Gay “activists” are MANSPLAINING public toilet access to women!

Just because certain minority communities with “alternative” lifestyles have come to be (or, contrary to what the snowflakes are whining about, already long been) accepted in society, does not mean they are entitled to a piece of one’s personal space. The key principle here is respect. The LGBTQ community had long ago earned it. Perhaps it’s time they learn a bit of it themselves.

LGBTQ. I heard there are new letters that have since been added to this acronym. How many more will be added? How much added cost to businesses and public facilities does each letter added to it contribute? Where will it end?

Indeed, here is an even more important question: Where is the consistency in advocacy?

Hating on men has become a fashion statement nowadays. The very nature of being a man seems to be a favourite whipping boy of today’s snowflake community. Yet, today, we see the very same snowflakes mansplaining public toilet politics to women.

Public toilets already suffer a bad rap in the Philippines. The country isn’t exactly renowned for the quality — and safety — of these important facilities. So when the issue concerns public toilets, the manner with which access to these is extended to transvestites and transgenders is the least among the priorities surrounding the management and development of these spaces.

Natural women don’t need to put up with transgenders using their public toilets

Natural born women can’t help being women. But transgender women are men who chose to become a woman. As such, there is a consequence to that choice that they need to live with.

That’s not how Bataan Rep. Geraldine Roman reportedly sees it, unfortunately…

“If you have a problem, magtiis ka!,” declared Roman when asked in a press conference on how she sees women who feel offended and are not comfortable in sharing female comfort rooms with transgenders. (If you have a problem just live with it).

It’s bizarre the way Roman turns a basic tenet of decency on its head. Why would women have to put up with the consequences of someone else’s personal choice?

This goes against the original argument fielded by gay activists sometime back — that gay people can’t help being gay and, therefore, need to be respected as such. Well now, somebody didn’t get the memo, it seems. Again, the fact is natural women can’t help being natural women. Thus they too have a right to their space.

Legislating against cat-calling absolves Filipino parents of teaching their boys not to cat-call

The whole problem with men according women the respect they deserve is a problem of upbringing. Most adults are products of their upbringing. Raise them to be disrespectful and they grow up disrespectful.

Indeed, implementing a law that specifically targets cat-calling completely misses the point.

For one thing, the act of cat-calling as being disrespectful is debatable to begin with. Some women find it offensive. Others find it flattering. Those who do find it flattering have to live in silence with that unpopular opinion in the snowflake society we see today.

Second, cat-calling, from the perspective of it being supposedly “disrespectful”, is just a small component of a larger landscape of ingrained lack of respect in Philippine society. No statistics are readily available, but I’d hazard a guess that people who habitually cat-call are also people who are predisposed to litter and piss on public walls and streets. The point is, creating an ethic of respect for others is an initiative that is a lot more complex than simply pandering to snowflake “activism”.

The new law to penalise cat-calling will simply drive the behaviour underground and will not solve the real problem which is Filipino parents not doing enough to teach their kids to habitually do the right things.

The dumb argument style of Fake News Crybabies like @MrsUnlawyer is the reason why Maria Ressa is obsolete

The intellectually-bankrupt argument is sadly all-too-familiar — an accusation of “fake news” that, when challenged, reveals very little substance nor basis. Here is one such recent example.

A challenge mounted by an inquisitive Netizen asking simple child-like questions ensues over a series of tweets

…but the bitter end, as far as any challenge to the quaint beliefs of Yellowtards is tragically predictable.

It is interesting to note that the Netizen known as @MrsUnlawyer already gained infamy following a challenge she issued some time back that encouraged her followers to vote on ways to effect violence on popular blogger Mocha Uson.

It is therefore not surprising why these cliques of amigas have for some time been inadvertently isolating themselves. Their lack of consistency between their virtue signalling and the manner with which they conduct themselves continues to erode their credibility.

Deafening silence amongst #BabaeAko “activists” despite lewd text messages to Gretchen Fullido revealed!

Text messages sent to ABS-CBN News anchor Gretchen Fullido and published in a Manila Times report reveal the selective nature with which Filipino feminists regard sexual harassment.

Forget for a moment that the person involved is Fullido and the alleged perps are executives at a media organisations known to be disturbingly cosy with the Yellowtards. You’d think the following text message would, in a parallel universe, invoke the shrill ire of the militant Filipino feminist community and draw out no less than “women’s issues” advocate group Gabriela with guns blazing…

“What time are you coming to work? (Fullido: On the way to [ABS-CBN] now. What’s up?) Wala naman. Miss lang kita. Masama ba? Sungit.” (Nothing. I miss you. Is that wrong? Crabby.) “Kailangan mo rin ng konting lambing sa katawan.” (You need some tenderness in your body.)

Inappropriate, right?

Unfortunately in this instance, appropriateness is relative and negotiable. Indeed, according to the Times report, the text messages revealed to them are the same ones reported to ABS-CBN management in an earlier complaint filed by Fullido. But a “formal investigation” mounted by ABS-CBN resulted in the complaint being “dismissed as baseless”.

Normally you’d see women cheering on the latest victim of sexual harassment. But not in the case of Fullido’s plight. This is because of who and what she’s up against. This is ABS-CBN after all.

Ces Drilon failed the #MeToo “movement”

Not only did Gretchen Fullido blow the whistle on what could be an entrenched culture of sexual harrassment and bullying in the ABS-CBN News organisation, she went the whole nine yards and filed charges to back her complaint. That’s way ahead of the curve of most victims who only go as far as kicking up stinks over social media.

The #MeToo movement has been criticised as one that involves women revealing their victimhood usually years after the alleged assault of harassment was committed. Usually the subject of the complaint is a prominent person. This is the reason the movement gained traction — it did so on the back of the star power of the accused.

Indeed, Drilon’s account of her own #MeToo experience follows the same template going public over an experience many years ago that stops short of the setting off on the important last mile — filing charges.

Ces couldn’t scream at the time, and merely pushed the perpetrator away as she ran out. For the rest of the day, she pretended like nothing happened. “Well, I was just starting my career as a journalist then, and the person was my superior. I didn’t want to put my job on the line,” she admits. “And it seemed like it wasn’t right for me to make a scene, that was how I felt [then]. I didn’t want to disturb the goings-on of the newsroom, and so I pretended like nothing happened.”

The irony is that the #MeToo movement emboldened women to act on incidents like these and, more importantly, made authorities that are in a position to support and act on these cases more receptive to these complaints.

It is therefore quite disappointing that Drilon and the rest of the ABS-CBN leadership would now take the position of defensiveness, stonewalling and, even worse, silence on this matter.

Will the #BabaeAko feminist “movement” support Gretchen Fullido?

Nobody seems to be holding their breath waiting for the Philippines’ monopoly feminist “movement” #BabaeAko to raise a stink over embattled ABS-CBN News anchor Gretchen Fullido. Fullido recently filed sexual harassment charges against several ABS-CBN execs in a move that rocked a bastion of Opposition media propaganda.

The trouble with the community of #BabaeAko “activists” is that most if not everyone of them is associated with the Yellowtard community who are, at the moment, the self-appointed “leaders” of the Philippine Opposition. Thus these so-called feminists are caught between a rock and a hard place.

This echoes past incidences of selective “activism” amongst Filipino “feminists” such as the time the wife of fugitive COMELEC chairman Andy Bautista came under fire from Yellowtards seeking to discredit her statements hinting at her husband’s trove of unexplained wealth. Suffice to say, no #BabaeAko “feminist” came to her defense.

So much for genuine activism in the Philippines. Because, in the Philippines, everything is partisan in nature.