The dumb argument style of Fake News Crybabies like @MrsUnlawyer is the reason why Maria Ressa is obsolete

The intellectually-bankrupt argument is sadly all-too-familiar — an accusation of “fake news” that, when challenged, reveals very little substance nor basis. Here is one such recent example.

A challenge mounted by an inquisitive Netizen asking simple child-like questions ensues over a series of tweets

…but the bitter end, as far as any challenge to the quaint beliefs of Yellowtards is tragically predictable.

It is interesting to note that the Netizen known as @MrsUnlawyer already gained infamy following a challenge she issued some time back that encouraged her followers to vote on ways to effect violence on popular blogger Mocha Uson.

It is therefore not surprising why these cliques of amigas have for some time been inadvertently isolating themselves. Their lack of consistency between their virtue signalling and the manner with which they conduct themselves continues to erode their credibility.

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