Manila leg of U2 #TheJoshuaTreeTour2019 made Maria Ressa famous for the wrong reasons

Rappler CEO Maria Ressa finally got her wish to “take back the Internet”. We may never know what was engineered behind the scenes to get her mug splashed on those big screens that backdropped U2 on stage at the Philippine Arena as they sang “Ultraviolet”, but one thing’s for sure, Ressa got what she asked for.

Apparently, following this little stunt, Ressa started “trending” on Twitter — for all the wrong reasons. A few Troll Crybabies now lament around conspiracy theories about “troll armies” hijacking hashtags and “making Maria Ressa trend” for their supposedly “evil” agendas. All the while, they are failing to see the irony in how their own efforts to dishonestly hijack audience eyeballs in the U2 concert are no different.

The fact is, the Opposition not only hijacked the U2 Manila concert they also hijacked the notion of “feminism” that Bono and his band were supposedly celebrating by making what are tantamount to product placements in this event. Much of what was exhibited in big screen colour during the concert were artefacts of their cause — Ressa’s mug, the Babae Ako slogan, and other relics of their discredited rhetoric.

Nothing backfires like the massive stunt the Yellowtard-led Opposition tried to pull in what otherwise should have been just a festival of Irish music. Trust the Yellowtards to pervert pure entertainment to their obsolete political agenda and ruin what could have been an excellent inclusive experience.

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