Gay “activists” are MANSPLAINING public toilet access to women!

Just because certain minority communities with “alternative” lifestyles have come to be (or, contrary to what the snowflakes are whining about, already long been) accepted in society, does not mean they are entitled to a piece of one’s personal space. The key principle here is respect. The LGBTQ community had long ago earned it. Perhaps it’s time they learn a bit of it themselves.

LGBTQ. I heard there are new letters that have since been added to this acronym. How many more will be added? How much added cost to businesses and public facilities does each letter added to it contribute? Where will it end?

Indeed, here is an even more important question: Where is the consistency in advocacy?

Hating on men has become a fashion statement nowadays. The very nature of being a man seems to be a favourite whipping boy of today’s snowflake community. Yet, today, we see the very same snowflakes mansplaining public toilet politics to women.

Public toilets already suffer a bad rap in the Philippines. The country isn’t exactly renowned for the quality — and safety — of these important facilities. So when the issue concerns public toilets, the manner with which access to these is extended to transvestites and transgenders is the least among the priorities surrounding the management and development of these spaces.

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