Yellowtard hijack of #TheJoshuaTreeTourMNL U2 concert will fail to convert VOTERS

As expected, the Yellowtard-led Philippine Opposition managed to hijack substantial eyeball space in the Manila leg of U2’s The Joshua Tree tour. As reported by one of their “thought leaders” Inday Espina Varona who is evidently ecstatic…

Bono called out @mariaressa ‘s name before launching into “Ultra-Violet,” as a tribute to women. Among those on screen were Lidy Nacpil, Joan Carling, Cory Aquino, Marinel Ubaldo, One Billion Rising and #BabaeAko ! Proud to #StandUp4HumanRights #TheJoshuaTreeTourMNL

Various Filipino snowflake ‘movements’ managed to get plugs in U2’s Manila concert.
(Source: Inday Espina Varona)

It is interesting to watch all this star power getting behind the Philippines’ beleaguered mob of liberal wannabes. These quaint celebrity endorsements seem to be ineffective where it matters — converting voters.

Indeed, the Yellowtards fail to realise that U2 and Bono, for that matter, enjoy a generally chi chi private school and university grad fan base in the Philippines. Back in the early 1980s when their album War came out and signalled the beginning of their politically-motivated music, they enjoyed the even more exclusive “new wave” fan community who had access to their records which were, at the time, not distributed locally.

Mass appeal? That remains to be seen.

Long before U2 became another Yellowtard property, the Opposition had enjoyed astounding support from a who’s who of celebrities and cronies in Western foreign media. Despite all that, they suffered a CATASTROPHIC loss in this year’s national elections. It is high time they re-evaluate their brownie points acquisition methods and start re-learning an important skill — winning Philippine elections.

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