Natural women don’t need to put up with transgenders using their public toilets

Natural born women can’t help being women. But transgender women are men who chose to become a woman. As such, there is a consequence to that choice that they need to live with.

That’s not how Bataan Rep. Geraldine Roman reportedly sees it, unfortunately…

“If you have a problem, magtiis ka!,” declared Roman when asked in a press conference on how she sees women who feel offended and are not comfortable in sharing female comfort rooms with transgenders. (If you have a problem just live with it).

It’s bizarre the way Roman turns a basic tenet of decency on its head. Why would women have to put up with the consequences of someone else’s personal choice?

This goes against the original argument fielded by gay activists sometime back — that gay people can’t help being gay and, therefore, need to be respected as such. Well now, somebody didn’t get the memo, it seems. Again, the fact is natural women can’t help being natural women. Thus they too have a right to their space.

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