Legislating against cat-calling absolves Filipino parents of teaching their boys not to cat-call

The whole problem with men according women the respect they deserve is a problem of upbringing. Most adults are products of their upbringing. Raise them to be disrespectful and they grow up disrespectful.

Indeed, implementing a law that specifically targets cat-calling completely misses the point.

For one thing, the act of cat-calling as being disrespectful is debatable to begin with. Some women find it offensive. Others find it flattering. Those who do find it flattering have to live in silence with that unpopular opinion in the snowflake society we see today.

Second, cat-calling, from the perspective of it being supposedly “disrespectful”, is just a small component of a larger landscape of ingrained lack of respect in Philippine society. No statistics are readily available, but I’d hazard a guess that people who habitually cat-call are also people who are predisposed to litter and piss on public walls and streets. The point is, creating an ethic of respect for others is an initiative that is a lot more complex than simply pandering to snowflake “activism”.

The new law to penalise cat-calling will simply drive the behaviour underground and will not solve the real problem which is Filipino parents not doing enough to teach their kids to habitually do the right things.

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