Deafening silence amongst #BabaeAko “activists” despite lewd text messages to Gretchen Fullido revealed!

Text messages sent to ABS-CBN News anchor Gretchen Fullido and published in a Manila Times report reveal the selective nature with which Filipino feminists regard sexual harassment.

Forget for a moment that the person involved is Fullido and the alleged perps are executives at a media organisations known to be disturbingly cosy with the Yellowtards. You’d think the following text message would, in a parallel universe, invoke the shrill ire of the militant Filipino feminist community and draw out no less than “women’s issues” advocate group Gabriela with guns blazing…

“What time are you coming to work? (Fullido: On the way to [ABS-CBN] now. What’s up?) Wala naman. Miss lang kita. Masama ba? Sungit.” (Nothing. I miss you. Is that wrong? Crabby.) “Kailangan mo rin ng konting lambing sa katawan.” (You need some tenderness in your body.)

Inappropriate, right?

Unfortunately in this instance, appropriateness is relative and negotiable. Indeed, according to the Times report, the text messages revealed to them are the same ones reported to ABS-CBN management in an earlier complaint filed by Fullido. But a “formal investigation” mounted by ABS-CBN resulted in the complaint being “dismissed as baseless”.

Normally you’d see women cheering on the latest victim of sexual harassment. But not in the case of Fullido’s plight. This is because of who and what she’s up against. This is ABS-CBN after all.

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