How money fits into the scheme of things for GRP and Filipinos as a people

Yup, there used to be a donation button on and it was there until as recently as mid-2018. The button linked to a legacy mid-2000s era static HTML page that some bozo is now raising a stink about in a recent tweet where he exhibits one among several screenshots of the now defunct page.

It doesn’t really take a genius to dig up information about defunct pages because EVERYTHING on the Web is archived and that page is no exception as it can be found here.

The fact is, letting go of the old GRP legacy site where that page resided was a tough choice. But it had to be done back in August 2018 when we had to migrate the site to a new premium hosting service due to the demands of increasing traffic. Current generation premium WordPress specialist hosting sites do not provide the option to host sites made up of static HTML pages (which the original GRP legacy site was) nor domicile the WordPress installation on a folder other than the root directory as was the structure back when Get Real Post existed side-by-side with the old GRP legacy site. Believe me, I researched extensively and I couldn’t find any that could do it without extensive customised coding.

For that matter, there were two donation pages on the GRP legacy site; that one and another one for the download site for Get Real Philippines Book 1 which was made available for download in 2006 (also archived here).

The key thing to note here is that both these donation pages reach out to random readers and visitors of the site in a manner that requires no personal relationships to be maintained. They were there to consider or ignore. There was a pitch to beckon said consideration but what product for that matter does not engage in any sort of beckoning in the spirit of competition?

To be fair, the pitch on the donation page was written in the sort of dry snarky tongue-in-cheek style that few Filipino minds are able to grasp. So my bad there. But then the target audience of GRP overall are not the average garden-variety communities of shrill folk who do and patronise amateurish research work that make use of “resibo” screenshots without any supporting hyperlinks.

And that’s the whole story. We stand by EVERYTHING we write. Indeed;

Great nations were not built on good intentions. They were built on business sense. Real change in Pinoy society will never be achieved through the “sacrifice” of altruistic “heroes”. True change will be driven by people who find no shame in expecting a buck for their trouble.

If there was any single foundation for a case against the Yellowtards and their dishonest rhetoric, that paragraph would be it.

How does @PinoyAkoBlog continue to add layers to her already thick face?

Despite being outed as a Yellowtard blogger funded by no less than the Queen of All Philippine Media, Kris Aquino, Jover Laurio continues to soldier on, delivering idiotic blog post after idiotic blog post in rapid succession. The energy needed to sustain this sort of mediocrity is nothing short of remarkable.

Part of the secret to her success could lie in her ability to habitually avoid responding to valid questions asked of her by her readers. For example, Laurio claimed that the only agenda in the project to clean-up Boracay mounted by the government of President Rodrigo Duterte was to pave the way for the construction of a casino. Now she is implying that the recent successful clean-up of Manila Bay was to prepare for a massive reclamation project supposedly to be undertaken by another Duterte crony. She has so far declined to respond to challenges against the validity of these claims.

All of these are based on spotty evidence. But Laurio is not one to allow the facts to get in the way of a juicy Yellowtard story. Indeed, it takes a perverse sort of creativity to be able to come up with fodder for this sort of borderline criminal blogging style.

Perhaps someday the truth will catch up with Jover Laurio. But let’s not hold our collective breath. Manufacturing lies — and liars — enjoys a long tradition of excellence amongst the Yellow camp. Indeed, Laurio herself was a victim of the lying and deceitful ways of her patrons. But, evidently, she does not let all that get in the way of a crooked blogging career either.

Jesus Falcis’s “wedding gift” to @PinoyAkoBlog reveals the treachery in Jover Laurio’s social climbing!

Lawyer Jesus Falcis, brother of Kris Aquino’s estranged business manager Nicko, is no longer invited to Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio’s wedding today for obvious reasons. But he’s got a wedding gift for her nonetheless in the form of more resibos seemingly detailing more of the lengths to which Laurio would go to achieve her purported social climbing objectives.

In a new series of screenshots, this time detailing the last chat exchanges he had with Laurio, Falcis reveals what seems to be Laurio’s hand in exacerbating the now-infamous spat between Nicko and Aquino that led to the train wreck that is the once-vast and effective Yellowtard social media and PR enterprise that was Kris Aquino Inc and Pinoy Ako Blog.

It seems to have started with Falcis attempting to clarify that the trouble was mainly between his brother Nicko and Aquino, the latter Falcis appears to describe as “someone more powerful” out to “malign” his brother who only wanted to “quite [Aquino] and move on to bigger things”.

What follows is a series of chat exchanges in the aftermath of what appears to be Falcis’s shocking discovery that Laurio had shared or “leaked” the discussion they had in confidence to Aquino.

In his Facebook note to Laurio, Falcis laments after this fallout…

It was naive for me to think you wouldn’t snitch on me to Kris. I knew you worked with her before all the brouhaha happened. But I didn’t know you got P195,000 worth of boosts until I had to help my brother document all the expenses.

Did you know that my brother punched me four (4) times when he found out that Kris was angrier because you snitched on me? That all the attempts to pacify and appease a crazy, irrational, and egotistic oligarch went out the window the moment Kris Aquino found out that I didn’t think my brother was guilty?

Yes, you played a major role in this drama that was forced upon us by Kris Aquino. And what did you get for it after? She dropped you like a hot potato. You denied being boosted by her but she contradicted that in her IG admission.

The following screenshot appears to exhibit signs that Laurio was trying to salvage the situation. But it was too late.

The rest is history. We now know that Aquino has distanced herself from Laurio and the ill-fated Yellowtard social media stunt Pinoy Ako Blog. Falcis goes on to rub in the reality to Laurio as he continues his letter…

Now that you know she will not protect you, I want to tell you that in the future if somebody violates your rights I will fight for you. But please, don’t step on the rights of others.

Not for oligarchs. You were a mere pawn for her, a self-proclaimed Queen.

In light of all that, one wonders who among the chi chi VIPs Laurio had lined up as her wedding sponsors would still grace this occasion today. To be fair, she could likely count on former editor-in-chief John Nery who looks forward to being there on her “big day”.

See the whole of Jesus Falcis’s Facebook note to Jover Laurio here.

[NB: Hyperlinks added to all blockquoted text by author for the benefit of the readers of this article and do not reflect the means Jesus Falcis employs to substantiate his assertions on the matter.]

The essence of online discourse was lost when Netizens lost the will to COMPETE for dominance

Social media academic Antonio Contreras tweeted something that captures the lost essence of online discourse… “In the academe, we don’t block people who disagree with us. We prove them wrong.” (or something to that effect).

See, the thing with online discourse nowadays is that people no longer see it as a competitive landscape. Ideas need to COMPETE for dominance. And it is only the forces that work within said competitive environment where intelligent resolution emerges.

Remove that spirit of competition and we get the intellectually-bankrupt ecosystem of echo chambers and inbred cliques we see today. Nothing gets resolved because no ideas are exchanged COMPETITIVELY.

Then again, perhaps nothing does get resolved on the Net. Ever. But content on the Net does influence people. And, ultimately, that’s the goal, right? To influence public opinion in a manner that converts votes.

Jover Laurio’s supporters could be SHOCKED by revelations that Facebook #PABoost is behind @PinoyAkoBlog popularity!

It seems Jover Laurio’s fellow yellows are not coming to her defense. That’s probably because they are also shocked to find out that the popularity of her blogs is courtesy of her sponsor Kris Aquino. They were not aware her posts were being boosted on Facebook. The popularity wasn’t organic.

Jover’s credibility is gone and the timing is perfect for the mid-term elections. No politician who is for re-election in their right mind would “sponsor” her now.

2019 is already memorable. It is the year Jover went down in flames. I already predicted her demise before. She’s just a mascot for the yellows. Her very own business manager ratted her out. Goes to show she’s a rotten person deep inside.

Jover should just go into hiding like Cocoy Dayao. It’s best for her to lay low. She’s a menace to herself and the Filipino people.

Aftermath of #PABoost Scandal: Jover Laurio a.k.a. @PinoyAkoBlog is TOAST!

Jover Laurio just admitted that her blogs got more exposure because these got boosted by Facebook after her sponsors paid her. Her popularity is fake just like the contents of her blogs are fake.

But some people didn’t realise that the editors of the Inquirer were one of the first to give Jover a boost. She has done nothing significant to help the Filipino public, but it was enough for them that she criticises Duterte and made her 2017 “Filipino of the Year”. What a disgrace!

Jover’s first mistake was pissing us off when she tried to reveal private information about us. Her second mistake was in playing the victim card and being a hypocrite. She’ll soon realise she pissed off the wrong people.

All of a sudden Jover thinks there is nothing wrong with paying to boost her posts. Well, why wasn’t she transparent about it from the start and why did she keep accusing other bloggers of being paid when she is the one being sponsored? Yes, this proves her blogs were sponsored.

Hey Jover! Now there is proof you are being sponsored, you have to stop accusing others of being sponsored unless you have proof. Resibo nga, diba?

Opposition lacks skilled bloggers to effect lasting influence on electorate

This article is taking a shot at Jover Laurio of @PinoyAkoBlog especially the part where the writer said “One must learn to write well. Learn writing techniques”. Jover definitely needs to improve on her “craft”.

The time for truth is always now. In this age of misinformation, disinformation and viral deception, a call for more writers is needed. More than fact-checking, we need truth tellers. Lies travel faster than the truth. When you don’t call out the lies, you are contributing to the disinformation. By not speaking up, you are allowing the lie to spread.

Noemi Dado, a blogger biased towards the Opposition, finally admitted they do not have bloggers with the right skill and wit to win debates.

Where are the Atenistas who are quick to correct other people’s grammar? They obviously don’t have the balls to publicise their thoughts. They fear being criticised. Shame.

Tonyo Cruz declares himself one of the “good guys” in a battle between “good” and “evil”!

The title alone says something of the lofty pedestal upon which some “thought leaders” of the Philippine Opposition have set themselves upon. Tonyo Cruz’s piece (Some) evil was defeated published on Rappler presumes to paint a narrative of Good vs Evil with, of course, his handpicked cronies cast as the good guys.

Most bizarre of all, they also declare themselves the winner in this “battle”…

We turned back this unholy triad of fake news peddlers in 2018. They are less effective now. Fewer people follow them. They have lost their posts in government. In the case of Uson, she faces graft and corruption charges which we hope the Ombudsman would hear and investigate immediately.

Cruz is referring, of course, to popular bloggers RJ “Thinking Pinoy” Nieto, Sass Rogando Sasot, and Margaux “Mocha” Uson. Whatever he is claiming is of course subject to debate on the bases of facts — say, engagement statistics or some measure of influence on public opinion based on other metrics. But the crux of Cruz’s message, that these three personalities are “evil” and he and his camp the good guys, is not even worthy of intelligent debate.

As my colleague Ilda observes, “I think it’s very self-righteous of some to declare other bloggers they don’t agree with as ‘evil’. Besides, it’s too early to tell if a popular blogger’s influence is gone. There is no proof of this. We’ll all find out after the mid term election.”

Tonyo Cruz is pretty sure of himself asserting who wears the halo in the “war” he imagines is raging in Philippine society. “Some evil was defeated this 2018. We have to work harder to defeat more of them in 2019,” Cruz crows.

Rappler contributor Tonyo Cruz

But of course. I’m pretty sure everyone is looking forward to seeing what you mean by “working harder” Mr Cruz, because, as far as can be observed, there really is nothing your commie friends and the Yellowtards who coddle them offer to ordinary Filipinos. To be fair, you were handsomely rewarded with the sorts of pats on the back most social climbers would salivate over.

Add to this powerful motivation, the likely reason you cook up this “good versus evil” war — a lame attempt to distract people from real issues. That pretty much sums up the only real strategy the Yellowtard-led Opposition applies to its dishonest bid to seize power again.

Desperation of Rappler CEO @MariaRessa on exhibit as she lashes out at bloggers!

Oooohhh…as if calling me a “minor, minor blogger” is a valid argument. As what they say, people like Maria Ressa who resort to insults are desperate. At least I’m not the one who’s in trouble with the law. Here is Ressa’s desperation on exhibit…

Hahahaha – wrong on every point, but once a propagandist, always a propagandist. Keep going with that minor minor blogger …

Seems Maria Ressa thinks only high profile people have credibility. Calling me a “minor minor blogger” says a lot about the way she looks down on those who she considers beneath her. In a truly egalitarian society, everyone has a voice, even ordinary people.

Not only did Maria Ressa call me a “minor minor blogger”, she also accused me of being a propagandist. What’s her basis in saying this? I base my opinion on facts. The fact is, she violated the rules on foreign media ownership and is in trouble for tax evasion.

Unfortunately, Maria Ressa exposed herself as an elitist and a credentialist in a single tweet. She thinks I’m a propagandist just because she doesn’t agree with my views and claims I’m a minor minor blogger just because…I have no idea why she thinks I’m a minor minor blogger.

If Ressa is really an advocate of rule of law and wants people to respect the constitution, then she should have followed the law when she registered her site and paid the taxes accordingly. She violated the law on foreign media ownership and did not pay right taxes.