Aftermath of #PABoost Scandal: Jover Laurio a.k.a. @PinoyAkoBlog is TOAST!

Jover Laurio just admitted that her blogs got more exposure because these got boosted by Facebook after her sponsors paid her. Her popularity is fake just like the contents of her blogs are fake.

But some people didn’t realise that the editors of the Inquirer were one of the first to give Jover a boost. She has done nothing significant to help the Filipino public, but it was enough for them that she criticises Duterte and made her 2017 “Filipino of the Year”. What a disgrace!

Jover’s first mistake was pissing us off when she tried to reveal private information about us. Her second mistake was in playing the victim card and being a hypocrite. She’ll soon realise she pissed off the wrong people.

All of a sudden Jover thinks there is nothing wrong with paying to boost her posts. Well, why wasn’t she transparent about it from the start and why did she keep accusing other bloggers of being paid when she is the one being sponsored? Yes, this proves her blogs were sponsored.

Hey Jover! Now there is proof you are being sponsored, you have to stop accusing others of being sponsored unless you have proof. Resibo nga, diba?

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