Carlos Celdran (@CarlosCeldran) mocks GRP about popularity. Here are the FACTS about his “popularity”…


I tweeted earlier about people having a problem with us sharing GRP articles on social media. Then the fugitive Carlos Celdran butted into the convo and now accuses me of being “obsessed” with him and misconstruing what I said.

For context, we share articles relevant to the issue or topic being discussed. Some of our articles have stood the test of time such that they remain relevant in a country where recent history keeps repeating itself. We don’t even have to write new articles!

For example, the other day, US Senator Mark Rubio posted a “Free Leila De Lima” tweet. So I then responded with a link to an article I wrote about her and people like Celdran are quick to assume we are just after the clicks. My response is simple. I want more people to read my articles. What’s wrong with that, right?

Wishful thinking. What’s the point in having a blogsite if the blogger doesn’t want people to read the articles, right? Some people just don’t make any sense.

Celdran is obviously obsessed with popularity. So on that note, Mr. Carlos Celdran, let me ask: What good is your number of followers if they can’t even save you from jail?

Here are the facts:

* A promoter who has 200k plus followers couldn’t even make Mar win.
* Someone who keeps saying GRP is “dead” or was “never a force to begin with” is bothered by its existence.
* Someone who claims to be more popular doesn’t like being talked about.

* Someone who makes a living out of Imelda Marcos is bashing the Marcoses – the family he profits from.
* Someone who says I am obsessed with him is the one monitoring my posts and butting in when he’s not even the topic.
* Someone cannot refute my points resort to insults.

And so to that we say…

Some people just need to be a bit more coherent in the positions they take on certain things. Carlos Celdran may have a lot of followers, but he’s certainly not using that influence to contribute anything of value to society.

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