How money fits into the scheme of things for GRP and Filipinos as a people

Yup, there used to be a donation button on and it was there until as recently as mid-2018. The button linked to a legacy mid-2000s era static HTML page that some bozo is now raising a stink about in a recent tweet where he exhibits one among several screenshots of the now defunct page.

It doesn’t really take a genius to dig up information about defunct pages because EVERYTHING on the Web is archived and that page is no exception as it can be found here.

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The fact is, letting go of the old GRP legacy site where that page resided was a tough choice. But it had to be done back in August 2018 when we had to migrate the site to a new premium hosting service due to the demands of increasing traffic. Current generation premium WordPress specialist hosting sites do not provide the option to host sites made up of static HTML pages (which the original GRP legacy site was) nor domicile the WordPress installation on a folder other than the root directory as was the structure back when Get Real Post existed side-by-side with the old GRP legacy site. Believe me, I researched extensively and I couldn’t find any that could do it without extensive customised coding.

For that matter, there were two donation pages on the GRP legacy site; that one and another one for the download site for Get Real Philippines Book 1 which was made available for download in 2006 (also archived here).

The key thing to note here is that both these donation pages reach out to random readers and visitors of the site in a manner that requires no personal relationships to be maintained. They were there to consider or ignore. There was a pitch to beckon said consideration but what product for that matter does not engage in any sort of beckoning in the spirit of competition?

To be fair, the pitch on the donation page was written in the sort of dry snarky tongue-in-cheek style that few Filipino minds are able to grasp. So my bad there. But then the target audience of GRP overall are not the average garden-variety communities of shrill folk who do and patronise amateurish research work that make use of “resibo” screenshots without any supporting hyperlinks.

And that’s the whole story. We stand by EVERYTHING we write. Indeed;

Great nations were not built on good intentions. They were built on business sense. Real change in Pinoy society will never be achieved through the “sacrifice” of altruistic “heroes”. True change will be driven by people who find no shame in expecting a buck for their trouble.

If there was any single foundation for a case against the Yellowtards and their dishonest rhetoric, that paragraph would be it.

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