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Atty Ferdie Topacio puts up ONE MILLION PESOS prize money to challenge Jover Laurio to write in PERFECT English!

Top lawyer Ferdie Topacio is making it real for top Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio to the tune of ONE MILLION PESOS!

In a recent tweet, Topacio makes it clear he is serious and spells out some simple rules…

Guys, let’s give PAB a challenge: write an 800-word blog in perfect English. Basta on-the-spot, with witnesses, and grammar and syntax to be determined by a neutral English professor. My offer: 1M pesos, tax-free, if she can pull it off. Serious.

Is Jover Laurio up to the challenge?

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Recall that no less than chi chi Ateneo de Manila University recognises Laurio as a key media personality and a poster girl for “journalism”.

As I wrote back then…

Rather than be the true thought leaders they are expected to be, Ateneans have become mere followers. They have, yet again, collectively assumed a comfy prayerful position before the latest golden calf put up by the Yellowtards before them.

Laurio should put pen to paper and prove she is worthy of such quaint adulation coming from the country’s toniest Jesuit-run institution of learning.

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