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Jesus Falcis’s “wedding gift” to @PinoyAkoBlog reveals the treachery in Jover Laurio’s social climbing!

Lawyer Jesus Falcis, brother of Kris Aquino’s estranged business manager Nicko, is no longer invited to Yellowtard blogger Jover Laurio’s wedding today for obvious reasons. But he’s got a wedding gift for her nonetheless in the form of more resibos seemingly detailing more of the lengths to which Laurio would go to achieve her purported social climbing objectives.

In a new series of screenshots, this time detailing the last chat exchanges he had with Laurio, Falcis reveals what seems to be Laurio’s hand in exacerbating the now-infamous spat between Nicko and Aquino that led to the train wreck that is the once-vast and effective Yellowtard social media and PR enterprise that was Kris Aquino Inc and Pinoy Ako Blog.

It seems to have started with Falcis attempting to clarify that the trouble was mainly between his brother Nicko and Aquino, the latter Falcis appears to describe as “someone more powerful” out to “malign” his brother who only wanted to “quite [Aquino] and move on to bigger things”.

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What follows is a series of chat exchanges in the aftermath of what appears to be Falcis’s shocking discovery that Laurio had shared or “leaked” the discussion they had in confidence to Aquino.

In his Facebook note to Laurio, Falcis laments after this fallout…

It was naive for me to think you wouldn’t snitch on me to Kris. I knew you worked with her before all the brouhaha happened. But I didn’t know you got P195,000 worth of boosts until I had to help my brother document all the expenses.

Did you know that my brother punched me four (4) times when he found out that Kris was angrier because you snitched on me? That all the attempts to pacify and appease a crazy, irrational, and egotistic oligarch went out the window the moment Kris Aquino found out that I didn’t think my brother was guilty?

Yes, you played a major role in this drama that was forced upon us by Kris Aquino. And what did you get for it after? She dropped you like a hot potato. You denied being boosted by her but she contradicted that in her IG admission.

The following screenshot appears to exhibit signs that Laurio was trying to salvage the situation. But it was too late.

The rest is history. We now know that Aquino has distanced herself from Laurio and the ill-fated Yellowtard social media stunt Pinoy Ako Blog. Falcis goes on to rub in the reality to Laurio as he continues his letter…

Now that you know she will not protect you, I want to tell you that in the future if somebody violates your rights I will fight for you. But please, don’t step on the rights of others.

Not for oligarchs. You were a mere pawn for her, a self-proclaimed Queen.

In light of all that, one wonders who among the chi chi VIPs Laurio had lined up as her wedding sponsors would still grace this occasion today. To be fair, she could likely count on former editor-in-chief John Nery who looks forward to being there on her “big day”.

See the whole of Jesus Falcis’s Facebook note to Jover Laurio here.

[NB: Hyperlinks added to all blockquoted text by author for the benefit of the readers of this article and do not reflect the means Jesus Falcis employs to substantiate his assertions on the matter.]

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