Jover Laurio’s supporters could be SHOCKED by revelations that Facebook #PABoost is behind @PinoyAkoBlog popularity!

It seems Jover Laurio’s fellow yellows are not coming to her defense. That’s probably because they are also shocked to find out that the popularity of her blogs is courtesy of her sponsor Kris Aquino. They were not aware her posts were being boosted on Facebook. The popularity wasn’t organic.

Jover’s credibility is gone and the timing is perfect for the mid-term elections. No politician who is for re-election in their right mind would “sponsor” her now.

2019 is already memorable. It is the year Jover went down in flames. I already predicted her demise before. She’s just a mascot for the yellows. Her very own business manager ratted her out. Goes to show she’s a rotten person deep inside.

Jover should just go into hiding like Cocoy Dayao. It’s best for her to lay low. She’s a menace to herself and the Filipino people.

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