COP OUT: Leni Robredo chickens out of an opportunity to prove she is better than Duterte!


“Vice President” Leni Robredo said she doesn’t want to respond to President Rodrigo Duterte’s offer to be the Drug Czar because she doesn’t know how serious he is. That’s another lame excuse. She should be ready all the time considering she’s been criticising Duterte’s drug war since Day One. Goes to show she’s all talk.

“Kung walang failure, bakit ipapasa sa akin? ‘Di ba? Kasi ipapasa mo lang ang isang bagay kapag hindi mo na kayang gawin. Kung hindi— Kung successful kasi siya, hindi kailangang ipasa, kasi wala nang ipapasa, eh. Kasi nagawa mo na. Pero kung ipapasa mo sa iba, hindi ba admission iyon na ang dami pang kailangan gawin?” Robredo told reporters in Iloilo City.

(But if it was not a failure, why are they passing it on to me? Because you pass on things if you can’t do them. If they were successful, they don’t need to pass it on, because there will be nothing to pass on, because you’ve already done it. But if you’re passing it on to others, doesn’t it mean that there is still a lot to be done?)

Robredo’s analysis is wrong. It’s not an admission of failure. It was a dare for her to prove she can do a better job because she keeps complaining about Duterte’s war on drugs. Apparently, she is not prepared nor willing to help even when offered the opportunity. Palusot na naman.

To be fair, Duterte shouldn’t give power over law enforcement to Robredo that easy. He should ask her for a concrete plan of action on how she will eradicate criminality and arrest the proliferation of illegal drugs in in the Philippines before she gets it. Nangawa lang bigay na kagad? Sus!

As expected the Yellow force of has-been celebrities are chiming in with their two-cent views on the matter.

This is proof that the Opposition will never be happy no matter what Duterte says or does. Duterte is already giving them the opportunity to prove Leni Robredo is better but they found more reasons to disapprove of him. They just don’t want Robredo to embarrass herself any more than she already has.

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