Duterte exposes Leni Robredo for what she is: ALL TALK and no substance

The fact that “vice president” Leni Robredo and supporters think Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte’s offer to her to be the Drug Czar is a “trap” means two things: 1) they were not prepared to take on the task they claim Duterte is failing on 2) they do not have an alternative solution to the problem. They just love to criticise.

The Yellows used to insist that there is no drug problem and that Duterte only exaggerated the issue so he can get elected. Now they are saying his drug war is failing. They can’t make up their minds. No wonder they always lose. They lose the debates and then lose the elections.

Seriously, why is Robredo always so negative? Surely there are some things Duterte is doing right even if she doesn’t agree with his drug war. But why doesn’t she highlight some good things for a change? She’s always trying to bring the govt down even though she’s part of it. We all know, of course, that Leni and her group just love to contradict those not from their clique.

The great modern day philosopher and Senate President is right on the nail. Those who are only good at talking crap should just zip it.

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