Leni Robredo should offer SOLUTIONS to the drug problem rather than just whine about it

Leni Robredo wants President Rodrigo Duterte to stop the drug war without giving alternative solutions to the problem. She keeps attempting to embarrass Duterte because her party suffered a major defeat in the last election. Unfortunately for her, she’s embarrassing herself instead because she comes across as vindictive.

Here is an example of the talk that does not match her relevance…

…as if what Leni says matters to Duterte. This is hilarious!

Robredo never had anything good to say about the Duterte govt from Day One. It’s no surprise that she’s still saying negative stuff about it. Unfortunately, she has no credibility because she is part of the Opposition and more importantly, she doesn’t use data to back her claims.

What is the basis of her assertion that Duterte’s war on drugs is not working? That’s not an initiative you can judge after just six years. A combination of demand and supply is what keeps the drug trade going. It is a complex ecosystem. Robredo is being dishonest. As part of the government, she should work with it and contribute to influencing the outcomes of its policies rather than position herself as an outsider and take potshots at it. That’s being unprofessional and shows a disrespect for Filipino voters.

The fact that Robredo admitted that the problem is still there only shows how deeply-entrenched the problem is — testament to the reality that many adminstrations that came before Duterte’s simply say on the problem. If Robredo honestly wants to contribute to the solution, she should stop making herself the problem.

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