Duterte critics cannot be taken seriously because they lack conviction

Now I know the meaning of charot (“just kidding”). I was never interested in finding out. Thanks to critics of President Rodrigo Duterte who use it to deny they want him dead. It’s hard to take them seriously when they consistently exhibit a lack of conviction. At least the late Carlos Celdran meant it when he said it. Too bad he died after saying it.

So the UP Visayas cheerleaders who were chanting “Kill the President!” are now scared of online commenters who criticised them for inciting people to harm the President of the Philippines?!? They now hide behind their use of the word “charot” to absolve themselves of any accountability for what they said. I don’t buy this Victim Card game they are peddling. They are the ones spreading hate and violence.

Even more bizarre is that certain “activists” now fly the banner of “press freedom” over this issue…

Of all people, journalists should know that freedom of speech is not absolute. There is a law against inciting to sedition and that is an example of where “freedom of speech’ ends. Also, real journalists don’t write “charot” after their key messages.

It’s hard to take these so-called “activists” seriously when they contracdict themselves. They brag about including national issues in their themes and slogans but then claim they were only joking. No wonder the public makes fun of them. It doesn’t help that they are not easy on the eyes either.

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