Duterte should ignore Leni Robredo because Filipinos APPROVE of his War on Drugs


It seems Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte is allowing himself to be trolled by “vice president” Leni Robredo. In a recent shocking statement, he announced that he is ceding command over the Philippine Police to Robredo for six months!

I will surrender my powers to enforce the law, ibigay ko sa Vice President. Ibigay ko sa kanya ng 6 months. Sya ang magdala. Tignan natin kung anong mangyari. Hindi ako makialam. Sige, gusto mo? Mas bright ka? Sige, ikaw subukan mo.

Recall that Robredo had earlier chided Duterte on what she claims is a failed effort to make good on his campaign promise to rid the Philippines of its drug scourge. Robredo went as far as inviting the United Nations to “investigate” and possibly put a stop to Duterte’s “failed” war on drugs.

Duterte shouldn’t allow Leni’s bitching to affect him. He knows she is a moron. The fact that she doesn’t have the grace to stop criticising the government she is a part of is proof of this. Duterte should keep soldiering on as his constituents expect him to, continue doing his job, and simply block the Taglish noise coming from Robredo’s mouth.

Otherwise, Duterte is effectively reneging on his promise by ceding command of his war on drugs to Robredo who has made no secret of her desire to shut it all down if she could. Duterte’s promise to effect a ruthless and bloody crackdown on drug crime is a cornerstone of his election campaign and a source of morale for the Philippines’ men and women in uniform. Indeed, survey after survey since 2016 when Duterte took office exhibited consistent strong public approval for his approach.

Duterte should be reminded that the recent survey already confirmed that majority of Filipinos approve of his drug war. He should not listen to Robredo who does not have data to back up any of her talk. Giving Leni the authority to change things will just muck it up. The police require consistent support and a stable command to stay the course. Such an outlandish stunt as the one Duterte proposes will ruin all that.

Giving this important work to a lame leader like Robredo is political suicide. Robredo for her part will not be doing herself nor her party any favours accepting the challenge either seeing that she cannot even manage herself out of a paper bag.

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